August 2009 Challenge Journal


Here is my weekly progress for this month's photography challenge: 8/3/09 This is the guest room in our home that has recently become my kids favorite room of the house! I put a TV and DVD player in there that Ethan knows how to work and the kids think it is fantastic to have their own little "hang out". 8/4/09 Here is a before and after of my dining room chair. 8/5/09 Don't hate me, this picture wasn't taken this week- it was earlier in the summer. But the reason why I am posting … [Read more...]

"School" Treats

This month's visiting teaching message was on Lifelong Education- both spiritual and secular. For the 3 girls I visit, I made their own "Back to School" treat box. I just took advantage of the school supplies sale at Target and got each of them their own pencil box and filled it with some goodies:A notepad, a sparkly pen, some YUMMY cookies and my favorite quote for the month.I put their names in vinyl on the front, tied it up with a bow and that's it!(Quick shout out to Lora, who says she … [Read more...]

Paper Bag Pinatas

At my son's Birthday Party this last month we decided to make Mini Pinata's with his friends. It was such a fun thing to do I thought I would like to share it with all of you. They are easy, fun, and what kid does not like a pinata? First, you need your supplies. You will need two paper lunch sacks per child, some tissue paper, pompoms, crayons, construction paper, scissors and glue. (Or anything else you would like to use.) I cut the tissue paper into strips to make it easier for … [Read more...]

Dad Blocks

My friend saw this post I did in July and asked me to make her a custom set with a quote for a freind who lost her husband to cancer recently. Her friend has 1 boy and 3 girls, so this quote seemed very appropriate and very sweet. There is just nothing like the love a kid has for their dad, that is for sure! How tender is that? I love it! … [Read more...]