August 2009 Challenge Journal


Here is my weekly progress for this month's photography challenge: 8/3/09 This is the guest room in our home that has recently become my kids favorite room of the house! I put a TV and DVD player in there that Ethan knows how to work and the kids think it is fantastic to have their own little "hang out". 8/4/09 Here is a before and after of my dining room chair. 8/5/09 Don't hate me, this picture wasn't taken this week- it was earlier in the summer. But the reason why I am posting … [Read more...]

"School" Treats

This month's visiting teaching message was on Lifelong Education- both spiritual and secular. For the 3 girls I visit, I made their own "Back to School" treat box. I just took advantage of the school supplies sale at Target and got each of them their own pencil box and filled it with some goodies:A notepad, a sparkly pen, some YUMMY cookies and my favorite quote for the month.I put their names in vinyl on the front, tied it up with a bow and that's it!(Quick shout out to Lora, who says she … [Read more...]

Paper Bag Pinatas

I was asked to make pinatas with my scouts for our Pack Meeting next week and the thought of 6 boys at my kitchen table with starch and newspaper did not sound like fun to me! But here is what a little internet searching can get you- I found this tutorial and it was a huge success! Hardly messy at all and even my 3 year old made one- it is so easy! You start off with a paper bag. You can use big grocery sacks if you want, but we just used lunch sacks. Fill it about 1/2 way with candy and … [Read more...]

Clip Boards!

So easy your first grader can do it (mine did!) Materials Needed: -Clipboard (99 cents at WalMart!) -Scrapbook paper -Ribbon -Mod Podge -Sponge Brush -Credit Card (don't worry, your husband wont get mad at you for using it this time!) -Embellishments (rhinestones, silk flowers, vinyl letters etc.) Directions: 1. Cut your paper to the size of your clipboard. 2. Coat your clipboard with a thin layer of mod podge then lay paper flat on top of clip board. 3. Using your credit card, … [Read more...]

Little Girly Aprons

What could possibly be cuter than a little girl in an apron? Aprons are not only adorable, they are also super simple to make! I was at my friends house about a month ago and she showed me some aprons she just made with her girls and I told her she had to send me pictures because I couldn't get over how fantastic they were! To make an apron, you can make your own pattern. I fold a piece of fabric in half vertically so I can cut just one side but both sides will be even. I measure how wide … [Read more...]