Hugs for Grandma & Grandpa

Tonight we made "Hugs" for my husband's parents who live out of state! Here's How: 1. Measure the length of your kid's arms on butcher paper (you could use the back side of wrapping paper too). 2. Trace each of their hands on the ends of their … [Read more...]

Weaved Ribbon Wipee Case

weaved ribbon wipee case

A couple years ago I bought a bunch of matching ribbon on clearance in fun fall colors. I thought I would make some cute bows or something, and I did make a few, but Leah only needs so many orange bows! (In fact I don't think she ever wore the ones I … [Read more...]

Wooden Spool Dolls

My SIL, Megan, started making these over a year ago and hers are DARLING!!! Last year I decided to make some for my kids and the ones I made were less than fantastic... in fact they looked an awful lot like quazimoto. Last week at the craft store, … [Read more...]