My Master Bathroom

master bathroom

I decided to focus on my master bathroom for this week's challenge. This is the bathroom that is most-used in my house- we still have little kids, so baths are taken in here, teeth are brushed in here, hair is done in here, and there are random toys … [Read more...]

My Master Bedroom

I think this week has been my favorite week of the challenge yet! Here is my master bedroom!!! BEFORE:   That picture above my bed was supposed to be temporary! It is too small for the space, and in a $5 cheap IKEA frame. It has been up on … [Read more...]

Ghost Pancakes

I wanted to make these from Gourmet Mom:and instead I made these:lol!!!!!!!My kids still loved them and ate every stinkin' one- they looked like pancakes gone wrong, but tasted fine so it all turned out ok. (After mom's "I can't even make pancakes" … [Read more...]

Halloween Pictures has some fun Halloween features you can add to your pictures. I took these pictures of my grumpy kids: ...and made these pictures by cropping and coloring:I wanted to display these for Halloween, so I wrote the following poem:When … [Read more...]

Girly Baby Shower Gift

baby girl gift

Here is the little gift I put together for my cousins new little baby girl. Here is what you need: ...wait, did I mention this gift is also very budget friendly? Not only do I love all things frugal, I get invited to a baby show every other week … [Read more...]