My Master Bathroom

master bathroom

I decided to focus on my master bathroom for this week's challenge. This is the bathroom that is most-used in my house- we still have little kids, so baths are taken in here, teeth are brushed in here, hair is done in here, and there are random toys and fingerprints all over to prove it! I took before pictures, but they looked too similar to the after pictures because you can't tell through the camera how dirty our bathroom was, so the before pictures were pointless, but here is what I … [Read more...]

Why Blog???

There are so many good reasons why you should have a  blog! I am going to list my top 5 favorite things I like about having this blog and hopefully inspire any lurkers or "fence sitters" into jumping on the blogging bandwagon! Yep, this is first on my list because it is most important to me. As a stay at home mom of 3, I need some adult "conversation" every so often, and blogging is my way of "conversing" with people over the age of 6. Your comments make me smile and make me feel like … [Read more...]

Re-Purposing Old Drawers

There is a little corner of Ikea tucked away to the side of the checkout area that is often un-noticed by amatuer IKEA shoppers. Me and this certain spot of happiness have become very well aquainted over the years, and more times than not, I will stop by IKEA for a quick trip to this area and this area only.  The items it contains are always changing and the best deals of the store are usually found here, in my opinion.This area that I speak of is called "The As is Section" At first glance … [Read more...]

My Master Bedroom

I think this week has been my favorite week of the challenge yet! Here is my master bedroom!!! BEFORE:   That picture above my bed was supposed to be temporary! It is too small for the space, and in a $5 cheap IKEA frame. It has been up on the wall for about 4 years now... so much for temporary!   I left my bed un-made to give you a messier effect!   Take note of the blankets on the floor. My 3 year old comes in for a slumber party almost nightly around 2 am... So I gave the p … [Read more...]

Ghost Pancakes

I wanted to make these from Gourmet Mom:and instead I made these:lol!!!!!!!My kids still loved them and ate every stinkin' one- they looked like pancakes gone wrong, but tasted fine so it all turned out ok. (After mom's "I can't even make pancakes" meltdown of course!)Hardly blog-worthy until the formation of the Craftastrophies Club. Enjoy the laughs this post brought you. I can handle being laughed at!  … [Read more...]