Wacky Sack Homes

Do you all remember THIS post where I showed you how to make Wacky Sacks? My kids still LOVE them, and I find myself playing with them all the time when I see one laying on the floor. (So addicting, I tell 'ya!) Today we are going to make wacky sack homes so they each have a place to sleep at night. My original intention was to have my kids make their own homes... but I found myself bored one night so I made them myself! I kept is very simple, using only 1 crafty supply- Washi Tape! It … [Read more...]

Update on Feeling Fabulous Challenge

So as I sit here trying to come up with all the rules and regulations for our challenge (which will be posted this Sunday- don't miss out) I got to thinking...I am good at coming up with ideas on how I want to better improve my life, but I am not the only one doing this challenge! (There are a lot of you, actually! Thanks for wanting to participate!) So I am opening up a discussion for the next couple days to find out your ideas for this daily challenge.Some ideas of mine are: Exercise for 30 … [Read more...]

Glitter Silhouette

glitter silhouette

These crafts are called "Glitter Silhouettes"  If you are a visual learner like myself, you will appreciate this tutorial- lot's of pictures to follow, so just click on the ones you need to see a little closer, and lets get started! Ta-Da!!! A cute little welcome in the entry-way for all my guests to see! … [Read more...]

Feeling Fabulous- Januuary’s Challenge

I hope you all enjoyed your "challenge vacation" during the month of December, but it will soon be time to get back down to business and stretch ourselves to learn, grow and become better at whatever it is that we do!**********This month's challenge is called Feeling Fabulous, and here is how it works:Next Sunday, January 3rd, I will name10 goals for all of us to work on each day. Each goal will be worth 1 point for every day you complete it. For example, one goal might be to eat 3 servings of … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Banner

I have a fun tutorial I'd like to share that is super simple-  just the way I like it!!First off I must give credit to my SIL who did this for a Super Saturday and brought all the materials for the girls to make at our last family reunion- she did all the cutting for me and everything... maybe that's why  I thought this craft was so simple!  Here is what it looks like:And here is how to make it:What You Need. Material (1 used 4 different coordinating prints.) Using pinking shears, … [Read more...]