Wacky Sack Homes

Do you all remember THIS post where I showed you how to make Wacky Sacks? My kids still LOVE them, and I find myself playing with them all the time when I see one laying on the floor. (So addicting, I tell 'ya!) Today we are going to make wacky sack homes so they each have a place to sleep at night. My original intention was to have my kids make their own homes... but I found myself bored one night so I made them myself! I kept is very simple, using only 1 crafty supply- Washi Tape! It … [Read more...]

Glitter Silhouette

glitter silhouette

These crafts are called "Glitter Silhouettes"  If you are a visual learner like myself, you will appreciate this tutorial- lot's of pictures to follow, so just click on the ones you need to see a little closer, and lets get started! Ta-Da!!! A cute little welcome in the entry-way for all my guests to see! … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Banner

I have a fun tutorial I'd like to share that is super simple-  just the way I like it!!First off I must give credit to my SIL who did this for a Super Saturday and brought all the materials for the girls to make at our last family reunion- she did all the cutting for me and everything... maybe that's why  I thought this craft was so simple!  Here is what it looks like:And here is how to make it:What You Need. Material (1 used 4 different coordinating prints.) Using pinking shears, … [Read more...]

Book of Seasons

This past month, my preschoolers were learning all about seasons. One day we made the following craft to illustrate how a tree changes during the different times of the year.  I printed out 4 of these tree trunk pages for each child: I had each of them color all 4 trunks brown, then we decorated each one to go along with each season. For Winter, we glued cotton on the tops and on the ground to resemble snow. For Spring, we made green handprints for green leaves, then ripped … [Read more...]

Christmas Cards 2009

Christmas card

I had the good intention of hand-making each of my Christmas cards this year. I used to hand make all our cards every year until about 4 years ago when I discovered how easy it was to photoshop a card. Lately though, everyone has Photoshopped cards, so in my quest to be different, I decided this year I would go back to making my own. This is never a quick task, but I do enjoy it and though monotonous at times, I love the satisfaction of a completed card, addressed in an envelope and on its way … [Read more...]