Wacky Sack Homes

Do you all remember THIS post where I showed you how to make Wacky Sacks? My kids still LOVE them, and I find myself playing with them all the time when I see one laying on the floor. (So addicting, I tell 'ya!) Today we are going to make wacky sack … [Read more...]

Glitter Silhouette

glitter silhouette

These crafts are called "Glitter Silhouettes"  If you are a visual learner like myself, you will appreciate this tutorial- lot's of pictures to follow, so just click on the ones you need to see a little closer, and lets get … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Banner

I have a fun tutorial I'd like to share that is super simple-  just the way I like it!!First off I must give credit to my SIL who did this for a Super Saturday and brought all the materials for the girls to make at our last family reunion- she … [Read more...]

Book of Seasons

This past month, my preschoolers were learning all about seasons. One day we made the following craft to illustrate how a tree changes during the different times of the year.  I printed out 4 of these tree trunk pages for each child: I had each … [Read more...]

Hanging Dish Towel


Hi everyone, Tanya from Trey&Lucy here! Thank you Stephanie for letting me take over your blog for the day. We have a huge problem over at our house- our dishtowels are always ending up on the floor and it is enough to drive a girl crazy! I have … [Read more...]