Spotlight on Jessica Downey Photo

My sweet friend is a fantastic photographer! Her pictures are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. She recently took some pictures of my little girl and I just have to share with you her talent behind the camera. Take a look: If you live in or are planning to visit AZ anytime in your life and you want your memories captured by some great pictures, I highly recommend Jessica Downey Photo. Visit Jessica's blog or website to see more of her work and while there, tell her Steph says "Hi!" … [Read more...]

Sugar Cookies

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Pizzaria Date Idea with Love Actually

pizza date

I am delighted to be posting on Somewhat Simple! Steph is such a creative blogger, crafter, name it! Today, I just wanted to share one great date idea for a Pizzaria Date to use at home (when finding a babysitter is no option for you moms...) Has anyone seen "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta Jones? I love that movie...I especially like how it makes running a little restaurant with your love seem so romantic! This was my inspiration for today's idea. On your next date … [Read more...]

White Elephant Gift

home light blue etsy

One of the most popular projects featured on Somewhat Simple, this White Elephant Gift is not for the faint of heart! Please only keep reading if you have a sense of humor and promise me you won't leave any negative comments. If you don't like it, walk away! :) At our Valentine's Party, we asked each couple to bring a white elephant gift. This glass block "decor" was the present Rob and I brought. It was meant to be a total joke, but ended up being the hot item of the night! So hot, in … [Read more...]

Timeout Chair!

In addition to being a full-time mom, I also have the awesome job of teaching preschool from my home 2 days a week. I love teaching and with such young kids, the preschool curriculum gives me yet another creative outlet. (Not to mention with it only being 2 days a week the stress level is non-existent, so I seriously just have so much fun with this "job.")Here is 1/2 of my fun class- aren't they cute?!The tutorial I have for you today is partly inspired by this little class of mine. Have a look … [Read more...]