Long Runner with Tattertots and Jello

Hello Somewhat Simple fans! I'm Jen from Tatertots & Jello  I am so excited to be here. I am a big admirer of Steph and her beautiful blog!I made some cupcakes because I am so excited to be here. Take one and I'll show you a fun tutorial!  I have been looking for a runner to go by my sink and dishwasher for so long with no luck. It seemed like everything I found was like $100 and I would have to order it. So last week I was tearing through WalMart with my kids, … [Read more...]

My Home in a Blog Parade of Homes

Andy from“Poppies at Play” has put together a week long Parade of Homes and so far there have been some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. rooms featured. I am house #12 and he 13th home in line will be linked to the end of this post. My house is nothing in comparison to those already featured, so I started thinking, “Why was I asked to be a part of this?!” {I’m wondering if my husband asked Andy if I could participate because he knew if I agreed to show my home I would have to clean it!} I really feel blessed t … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Ideas!!!

mothers day ideas1

Here are some great Mother's day ideas that I have seen online lately: Make a creative dessert with some cookies and pudding. Embellish an Altoid tin and throw in some glass marble magnets I love LOVE this stool! Family Tree Necklace from Lisa Leonard. Ok, so anything from Lisa's shop would be fantastic, but this is too perfect! Make a Burlap Jewelry Organizer I am still loving my necklace from ideclare charms! Embellish a 2x6 with a cute quote I LOVE this idea for a "Things We … [Read more...]


I had a customer email me last week wanting to personalize her Pillow Talk with a different twist. I liked this idea so much, I made one for myself! I had a bunch of these 4x4 tiles laying around from a mosaic I made 4 years ago. (I can't throw away perfectly good tiles, but I hadn't found anything to use them for!) The square piece of sheet metal is a scrap from the Chore Charts I make and I just glued that onto the tile. I used black puffy paint to frame the sheet metal to give it a more … [Read more...]

Fonts Fonts and MORE FONTS!

I have a (small) addiction to fonts.There are TONS of font sites on the internet- its overwhelming, almost! Some of them make you pay for their fonts, but others share them for free... which are the sites I like most! I have a ton of fonts on my computer and I haven't ever paid a single penny for any of them.I have 2 favorite sites for free fonts, DaFont.com and KevinAndAmanda.com. DaFont literally has thousands and thousands of free fonts in every style. When someone wants to order vinyl from … [Read more...]