Fathers Day Frame

Fathers Day Frame

After having 4 sweet little girls, my friend just had her first baby boy and that house full of estrogen couldn't be more thrilled! I featured the gift I gave to her at her shower, but I left out one part of it specifically because I wanted to showcase it as a Fathers Day frame gift Idea! Here is what I made: This particular friend of mine ordered this same quote on wood blacks last August even before she knew she was pregnant. (Remember THIS post?) She planned to give it to a friend who had … [Read more...]

Magnetic Chore Chart

magnetic chore chart

Hi all!!! I'm Sooooooo excited to be guest posting here on Somewhat Simple again. Stephanie was such a great help to me when I was still new to the blogging world and her blog has been such a great inspiration to me......... Thanks again Steph!! Since summer is coming soon and we will all need ways to keeps our kiddos (helpfully) busy, I thought I would show how to make a super-cool MAGNETIC chore chart that happens to be pretty as well. So you can hang it anywhere in your house and not have it … [Read more...]

Cleaning Box with Sisters’ Stuff

Hi Somewhat Simple Readers!We are Alish & Whitney from Sisters' Stuff.Today we want to share with you our cleaning box to help organize and stay on top of all those daunting tasks around the house.I am good at my weekly cleaning dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms, mop floor, etc. But I am not so good at the "deep cleaning" or things that need to be cleaned, but not every week. So, my sister and I created this system to hep us stay up with cleaning all the other stuff.We found the tins at … [Read more...]

Chic Slippers with Ruffles and Stuff

Hello everyone! I'm Disney, from Ruffles and Stuff, and I'm so delighted to be back as a guest on Somewhat Simple! I'm sure we all are missing Stephanie terribly by now, but hopefully she's too busy having a great vacation to miss us too much! :o) Today I'm going to share one of my favorite projects that I've done: Chic Isotoner Slippers! My husband makes fun of me because I love these little Isotoner ballerina slippers (or "granny slippers", as he calls them!). I've had some … [Read more...]

Container Gardening with Reinvented

Hey Somewhat Simple fans! Today I'm excited to share a couple of fun ideas for container gardening.Am I the only one that has a MESS like this behind her garage?I'll be in SO much trouble for that, my husband thinks the garage is HIS. If you don't have an unsightly pile of pots, now is a great time to find them. As folks get ready to plant their gardens,they are donating, selling or even discarding old pots. While I think classic clay pots are, well, CLASSIC, they're kind of boring. I like a … [Read more...]