I am in awe at so many of the amazing reupholstering projects out there lately! It really inspires me to go out and get some ugly furniture so I can try to make it look as good as some of these! Check out these amazing transformations!•••State legislators chairs @ RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, she has a 4 part series on these! Beautiful ottoman redo @ KEEPIN' UP WITH THE MOODY'SGrandma's sewing bench makeover @ THE HAND ME DOWN HOUSEI am in love with this chair and fabric from OOPS! REDONETufted blue … [Read more...]

Wreaths! 9 Creative Wreaths

creative wreaths

I love love love wreaths, but you would never know it because I don't have a single one hanging anywhere in my house. I just haven't found the perfect one for me yet- either that or I have found too many I love I can't settle on just one! Here are some fun ones I've seen floating around the blogging world... A little bit FUNKY  Made from Balloons... Croc Sandals... Socks from the $1 Store A little bit PRETTY  Dressed up with Orchids... A Monogram... Calla Lillies A little bit … [Read more...]

Strut Your Stuff Birthday Ideas

birthday clipboard

 Its time this Week of Links comes to a close with our last and final day of the party. Today I want to see all your birthday ideas! 1st birthday, 100th birthday and everything in between! Here are just a few ideas from my readers to get your juices flowing: I love this idea of a Birthday Reminder Clipboard, from eighteen25. 1 Sheet for every month and spaces to write everyone's birthday- so clever and cute! Here is Somewhat Simple's Birthday Calendar- free printables … [Read more...]

Strut Your Stuff- Creating Gone Wrong!!!

How many times have you made something and thought to yourself, "This was not intended to be this way!"??? A craft, a recipe, a home improvement project... I seem to get my share of "Creations Gone Wrong" all the time and I am the first to admit I get frustrated- really, really frustrated!!! It seems like such a waste of time and money. I thought of an idea that might make all of us feel better about these bad results- if nothing else, it will give all of you "Perfect Crafters" something to … [Read more...]

Strut Your Stuff – Roll Call

Hello my name is Stephanie....Come on all you creative, crafty, cooking, decorating, blogging friends! I know you're out there blogging away on your creative sites and I want to see what you have been up to! I've created this list for EVERYONE to add their link, no matter how big or small your site may be!I am sure Martha Stewart checks my blog every day for good ideas and to see what my readers have been up to- this just might be the way you get discovered and become famous- you just never … [Read more...]

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