5 Simple Back To School Ideas

back to school idea 4

Here are some cute back to school ideas I've come across, I hope you are all as excited I am for back to school! Get organized with these helpful lunch tips @ The Idea Room Get your kids excited about blackboard learning with these cute cupcakes from Family Fun See how to make these adorable mushroom and owl lunch sacks @ A Lemon Squeezy Home Create this sweet candy apple treat for your child's teacher with Cute As A Fox Love these edible crayons, see how to make them @ Gourmet … [Read more...]

Colored Pasta Bracelet

This is an activity that I did with my preschool class. It was super easy and the kids loved it! (These pictures were taken with my cell phone, sorry about the bad quality!) Materials Needed: Pasta, Pipe Cleaner and Markers   Directions: Color your pasta with markers String your pasta onto the pipe cleaner Wrap around the child's wrist and tie pipe cleaner in a bow. (gotta love that chubby little hand!) Obviously there are a million variations to this- use … [Read more...]

Monogrammed Wall Art by The Paisley Cupcake

M for Monogram

Last Christmas I did a "semi-homemade" Christmas. (Having 3 teen-aged boys made the it difficult to have a complete homemade Christmas. I wanted to make them all Snuggies, but 2 out of 3 rejected the idea.) My daughter and SIL actually had an IOU because my computer printer had issues and wouldn't print. But the following is what I made for them. I made a monogrammed wall art using Microsoft Word on my PC. I first typed their last name, Moser. Then in all lowercase letters I typed events … [Read more...]

Pleated Lamp Shade

Hi everyone! I'm Disney from Ruffles and Stuff  and I have a fun tutorial for you today! Take a look at this The Shabby Chic Pleated Shade- want to make one? Of course you do! Full of lovely, romantic ruffles, and only 4 steps involved! Let's get started! 1. Start with a plain lampshade. whichever shape you like. 2. Cut out enough strips to cover the shade. You'll want about 3x the measurement of your shade. For example, if your shade is 40" around the top, make the first strip about … [Read more...]

Placemat Creations

crafts from placemats

Placemats aren't just for protecting your tables anymore! See what happens when these crafty bloggers get their hands on them! ••• Bags, Purses, Totes etc. Summer Tote Light-weight Purse I love this little Clutch! Simple Bag Bag with Pleats Around the House Cover a recycled food can and make a Utensil Holder from To Be Charmed Clothes Pin Bag Pendant Lamp Travel Bag for Makeup Brushes   Pillows Monogrammed Pillo … [Read more...]