Hand Towel Apron with A Little Of This-A Little Of That

I am a huge fan of aprons, and when I saw this one made by Sarah from A Little Of This-A Little Of That, I got so excited! Not only is it super cute, but so functional! I constantly have a hand towel thrown over my shoulder while I'm cleaning the kitchen, but this apron has a towel built right in! These would make great gifts for Christmas!!! Here's Sarah to show you how to make your own!A friend on mine has a very talented mom who made this super cute apron; I knew I wanted to copy it, and put … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser from Clean Mama

mason jar soap dispenser 7

Here's how I made a cute mason jar soap dispenser out of an old Ball quart size jar. I used the small mouth variety to keep the soap drips down the side to a minimum. I Couldn't bear to drill into the original lid, so I used a pasta sauce lid. I drew a circle of where I should aim my tools and then I used the "punch-a bunch-of-holes-with-a nail" method because the drill wasn't charged. I spray painted the lid silver. Then I screwed the fancy soap pump top into the ring. Here it is … [Read more...]