April Fools Day Activities

april fools day food ideas

Here are some of my favorite April Fools day ideas and pranks that I've seen online: Food Mix Ups from Family Fun  Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Cupcakes: No sugar at all in these cute cupcakes Gag Lunch: Make a sacked lunch a bit more humorous Jell-O Drinks: Make a cup of Jell-O look like juice Pranks from Martha Spilled Coffee: Coffee on the comforter? There's no cause for alarm -- if the mess isn't real. Colored Water: Using non-toxic Crayola Dyes, turn your water a crazy … [Read more...]

Creative Baby Shower Gift Wrapping

creative baby shower gift wrapping

The Ooo's and Ahhh's that come from shower attendees can be just as genuine over the wrapping and presentation as they are over the actual gifts themselves... especially when you are giving boring items off the registry, like diapers and nursing pads! Here are some examples of how to doll up those plain necessities for the mom-to-be: FOR THE BABY BOY Baby Boy Showers are hard enough as it is, because not too many boy gifts are adorable- lets be honest! Sure a tiny pair of denim jeans or … [Read more...]

Ruffle Table Skirt

ruffle table skirt

Every little girl has to have a tea party at some point in her life, right? This adorable Ruffle Table Skirt from All Things Beautiful would be the perfect setting for a lovely little party! Charity took this simple table... ...and dressed it up so pretty:   For the entire tutorial, click HERE For even more project inspiration, please visit To have your ideas featured on somewhat simple, click HERE For those I have featured, please feel free to grab my button. … [Read more...]

Fabric Flower Headbands Made Easy


My original post about Fabric Flower Headbands continues to be one of the most viewed tutorials on my site. So when I received some of the new Fabric Interfacing from Silhouette a couple weeks ago, I immediately thought of how much easier this already simple project was going to be with the help of my Silhouette. This is the fabric interfacing- it comes in 2 varieties, one you can use with your sewing machine and one you can't. For this project, there is NO SEWING REQUIRED! Yipee! From … [Read more...]

Please meet our little friend Kate…

(If there was ever a blog post that I would want my readers to read, it would be this one right here!) This is Kate McRae- isn't she a doll? Big, bright eyes and a contagious smile. From the first time I read about this sweet little 7 year old, Kate stole my heart. Today, with permission from Kate’s mom, Kendra, Kristyn and I have decided to post about Kate's story on each of our blogs to show our support for Kate and her family. MEET KATE. Kate McRae has been through something no c … [Read more...]