Creative Baby Shower Gift Wrapping

creative baby shower gift wrapping

The Ooo's and Ahhh's that come from shower attendees can be just as genuine over the wrapping and presentation as they are over the actual gifts themselves... especially when you are giving boring items off the registry, like diapers and nursing … [Read more...]

Please meet our little friend Kate…

(If there was ever a blog post that I would want my readers to read, it would be this one right here!) This is Kate McRae- isn't she a doll? Big, bright eyes and a contagious smile. From the first time I read about this sweet little 7 year old, Kate … [Read more...]

Sheet Music Side Table

I have loved this side table from Miss Mustard Seed since it debuted so long ago!Look at this before and after:BEFORE: AFTER: See this transformation and so much more creative inspiration from the fabulous Miss Mustard Seed.  To have your ideas … [Read more...]

Trying Something New- Zip Lining


I'm not the most adventurous person. There. I said it. And I think the biggest reason for this is because I have a fear of heights and a fear of falling. I can handle roller coasters with 100 loops and corkscrews, but put a big drop on it and you can … [Read more...]

A Splash of Color for an Old Piano


I love this daring move from Lisa at The Pennington Point. She transformed this blah piano... ...into something so fun! It takes guts and a vision to pull this off, and I think it looks wonderful! For more pictures of this project, please visit … [Read more...]

Pennant Centerpiece

This was an idea linked to one of my weekly link parties months ago and I have just had it on my list of things to feature. I love this idea because it is simple and versatile! Jenny, from Embellishining Life, created one for her fall decor, but how … [Read more...]