Rapunzel Wig Tutorial

rapunzel wig tutorial

My sister in law Megan made one of these for her daughter and it was too darling of an idea not to recreate for my own little Tangled fan. I've made a couple more since the first one I made- they make great birthday presents- so there are a few tips … [Read more...]

Chances for Children

the fa family

This is my friend Britni. She is pretty fantastic. She is the mom to one of my cute graduated preschool students and the daughter of one of my favorite people in the world. Britni and I served in Young Womens together for 3 years and we each had 2 … [Read more...]

Recess Memories

recess swings

Both of my kids were asked by their grandpa this past weekend what their favorite part about school was. The answer from my 3rd grader was the same answer he heard from my Kindergartner: "Recess!" Recess was definitely a favorite part of my day in … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Printables


Hello all! It's Rebecca from Simple as That and I'm so happy to be with you again this lovely Monday and share some Thanksgiving Printables! :) First up are these printable toothpick flags: Simply download and print. Cut them out. Fold in … [Read more...]

The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER!


My good friend and her mom make these cookies all the time and just looking at this picture makes my mouth water! I've never tasted a yummier, thicker, more moist sugar cookie in my life! Here is the basic recipe, but of course you can dress these up … [Read more...]

Affordably Fresh Fall Wardrobe

As the fall season transitions, perhaps you're yearning for your wardrobe to do the same.   Whether you're outfitting new body dimensions, a new climate, or a fresh outlook, you can get the most fashion per dollar via a wardrobe cluster. A wardrobe … [Read more...]