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 I thought I'd share some yummy treats that I've had bookmarked from link parties of the past as well as some that I found on Pinterest. If you are dieting, close this screen now. Actually I would be sad if you left, so maybe just scroll really fast and try not to look for a second. {Click on the links below the images to be taken to the creator's site} 1. Snicker Brownies from How Sweet It Is. 'Cause if it is a the best candy bar ever, why not make it into a brownie? 2. Cheesecake … [Read more...]

Moving Party {Invitations & Gift Idea}

moving party invitations

Last year our good friends decided to pick up their family and move across the country. They decided to do all of this without my permission, and I was less than thrilled with this idea. So I did what anyone should try to do in the middle of a crappy situation- after the bitterness left me, of course- and I threw them a party! We all got to have fun and eat yummy food and our friends got a great chance to see to all the people who love them dearly. Its a win/win... except they moved, which … [Read more...]