How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror Over Plastic Clips

framing your bathroom mirror with plastic clips

Do you want to know how to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror Over Plastic Clips? I've seen probably a half-dozen tutorials all over blog land showing you how to frame a bathroom mirror featuring amazing transformations simply by adding some molding around the edges. And everyone says something to the effect of: "THIS IS THE EASIEST UPDATE EVER! I WISH I WOULD'VE DONE IT A LONG TIME AGO! I'M GOING TO DO ALL MY MIRRORS NOW!" So this project is one that has been on my to do list for a while now, … [Read more...]

Ways to Add Color to Your Home


Do you love color but can’t figure out how to add it to your home? Take a look at some terrific ways the designers of the following rooms brought colors to a space in what appears to be an effortless way. From bedroom designs to bathroom designs, paint is one of the easiest and most captivating ways to add color to your room. Paint one wall or the whole room to enliven your space! In the kitchen, add color through china and ceramics or a boldly-hued light fixture. This room’s got it … [Read more...]