30 Birthday Party Ideas

01 birthday parties

This Sunday is my birthday! (I'm going to be 30! It's a big one!) So in celebration, I thought I would share 30 birthday ideas. Here we go: 1. Despicable Me Party from Emilie Handmade via Tip Junkie 2. Busy As A Bee Party from Three Pixies Lane 3. Curious "Charly" from Paiges of Style 4. Sweet Shop Twins First Birthday from How Does She 5. Pinkalicious Party from How Does She 6. Ballerina Bakery from Icing Designs 7. 30 Sucks Present from Sprik Space 8. Art Party from A Little of … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Getting Lucky!

lucky charms

(Image Source) Luck (n.) : good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance I certainly do not consider myself a lucky person. I wouldn't say that I am an un-lucky person, but I could probably count the number of things I've won or happened upon in my life on 1 hand. And I'm not talking about being blessed, 'cause that is different and I am super blessed. I'm talking about being lucky- winning something, finding something, doing something awesome or out of the … [Read more...]