My 2 Favorite Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning

  I know I am not the only one who is knee-deep in a good spring cleaning! People all over the country are shedding their junk and ridding their clutter because it feels good to freshen up after a long winter. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning and organizing. I have always been this way. My mom never had to tell me to clean my room, but she did have to be careful where she put my clean laundry 'cause I'd get so mad if she moved things around on my dresser to … [Read more...]

Superheroes vs. Villains Birthday Party

superhero party invite

Every kid loves super heroes and villains. They make movies, cartoons and play time fun. Here are some fun and simple ideas for making a Superheroes vs Villains party a success: A great invitation like these from Wants And Wishes Designs are key to pulling off a great Superhero and Villain party. On the invitation, you could assign each kid to be a certain hero or a villain and have them come in costume. Or, have them make up their own hero or villain identity- get creative! One thing that … [Read more...]