Royal Icing Cupcake Garnishes

royal icing techniques

In my last guest post we talked about baking and frosting cupcakes!  Today, we're going to combine all of your royal icing (recipe) experience with those simple cupcake techniques to make some royal icing cupcake garnishes. People might think you got these from the nearest fancy bakery.  But nope, you made them yourself! (Well, you're about to...) You can make your own templates on the computer or just by tracing some basic shapes. Then you place a piece of parchment over the template a … [Read more...]

Monster Repellent

monster repellent

I'll be honest, the bedtime routine in my house usually runs pretty smoothly, but one bedtime-related "issue" we do struggle with is that our kids come into our room in the middle of the night and climb into bed with us because they are scared. I don't like sharing my bed, but I also don't like knowing my kids are scared, so  they are usually welcome in my bed 'til their toes start tapping on my ribs or their sprawled out bodies invade my personal space, in which case blankets and pillows and … [Read more...]