2013 Journal Jar Kit // Free Download

I came across this fantastic idea from pinterest. I LOVED the concept of writing down the memories of the year and sitting down on New Year’s Eve to read them all out loud with the family!  I love the mason jar idea, but I kinda wanted to boost up it’s image and expand the idea a bit. :)  So I created my Journal Jar Kit (getting super ecstatic about how it was coming together), got the pics ready, my post outlined, and then BAM! The next day I saw that someone else had come up with the same idea! (Facepalm)  I racked my brain, trying to come up with something else last minute, so I didn’t appear like a copy-cat, but alas. Nothing came.  So I decided to risk it, and put my reputation on the line, and continue with my plan for this month’s free printable: the 2013 JOURNAL JAR KIT.


It’s the same concept as the above link, but I’ve created a label for the jar, the cards to write on, and I’ve also made the jar label the size of a mini composition notebook.  Glue it on, and keep it in your purse or car, to quickly jot down those funny/amazing/awesome things that might occur while you’re out and about.  ‘Cuz I don’t know about you, but my memory is about has useful as a hammer made of Jell-o. (You could even skip the jar altogether and just read from the notebook on New Year’s Eve.)

// Step #1:

Download the labels:

journal jar label // pdf

journal jar labels // word doc

And the cards:

journal jar card // pdf

journal jar cards // word doc

And for those who would like to give this as a gift:

journal jar gift tag // pdf

// Step #2:

I got my jar at Hobby Lobby (orig. $5, but used a 40% coupon) and the mini composition books at the dollar store.  You can use whatever adhesive you want/have on hand (yes, a glue stick works, and I love that it’s not permanent).

// Step #3:

Cut out and glue on.  BAM.  You’re on your way to recording the awesomeness that’ll occur over the year. :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! — xoxo

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Sarah is a stay-at-home-mom of three beautiful children, wife to a pretty awesome guy, and lover of singing in the shower, Dr. Pepper, cinnamon bears, and McGuyver. She resides in Arizona and has recently added Laundry Procrastinator Extraordinaire to her resume.


  1. Love this! thanks!!

  2. Another fabulous post- I freakin’ love you!!!! I am so glad to have you contribute each month!

    • Thank you Steph! And thanks for creating a wonderful blog with fabulous readers, I’m tickled pink to be a part of it!

  3. Wow! I saw this idea on pinterest and I thought it was great, but I am not skilled at creating graphics so I didn’t act on it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing all the work! I immediately made copies of everything! Going now to glue some labels on!

  4. Thank you lots for this! It’s a wonderful idea, and the kit looks gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your work <3

  5. Thank you for creating what I couldn’t do for myself! Several attempts later and I ended up with my ‘Joy Jar’ but it really isn’t that either and sounded kinda lame. Love your Journal Jar idea and printables much better! Thanks again!

  6. Fabulous idea. Thanks for pointing it out and adding a little something special to it! I’ve just pinned your idea, but more importantly, added the link on my facebook page so my friends can have access to the idea.

  7. OOh… I forgot to mention… I LOVE that you gave the option of downloading this in a word doc. That way if I want to tweak it or make it more personal, it’ll be a little easier. Thanks again!

  8. Just cam across this and LOVE it. We didn’t participate in 2013, but are planning to for 2014. Will you be offering an update?

  9. Ooh! Just what our little family of four needs – how adorable! Will you be making a 2014 version? I love, love, love this! Thank you for sharing – have a blessed THanksgiving!

  10. Love, love, love the graphics and idea, are you planning a 2014 jar?

  11. Christina Smith says:

    How about 2015 version – I missed both 2013 and 2014 – would love it for this upcoming year!! PLEASE!!!