5 Health Tips That Will Change Your Life


Happy New Year! I just spent the past few weeks indulging in life changing experiences that got me ready to make 2013 FABULOUS! On the top of my list, I’ve included improving my health and sharing how to do this with others. Today, I am going to share 5 health tips that will change your life!

If you follow along over at my blog you’ve seen my weight loss transformation….I’ve lost 65 pounds so far and totally reshaped my health all without going to a gym, being on FAD diets, or having to spend more time on thinking about what to eat and how to exercise than actually doing it. The changes I’ve made are simple, and proven effective.

Here is a look into my transformation thus far….

 Besides just losing weight and feeling fit, I’ve made small simple changes over the past year that have totally transformed my health and my families health. Here are 5 simple tips you can make this week that will make a huge impact in your home and life.

Tip 1: Take a Probiotic

You would be surprised how many people across the world have health issues related to their digestive system. It’s a sensitive and private subject for some, but one that shouldn’t go untreated. Normal, healthy colonies of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria can help maintain a health balance of intestinal microflora. Cleaning your system daily will help you feel healthier, you’ll have more energy and remove toxins from your body. This is what I take daily and highly recommend it.

Tip 2: Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is essential! This is often called the “sunshine vitamin,” and offers a multitude of benefits including supporting healthy heart function, immune and bone health, and facilitates health cell development.  Did you know Vitamin D3 also helps aid in calcium absorption for maintaining strong bones and teeth? This can help with osteoporosis {a leading disease in women} and even boost your mood!

Tip 3: Use a Tongue Scraper/Cleaner

Did you know your mouth is quite possibly the dirtiest part of your body? Scary right! Keeping your mouth clean can aid in overall health, including the prevention of gum disease which can affect your blood stream and heart. Using a tongue scraper/cleaner daily improves oral hygiene, removes bad bacteria from your body and can improve halitosis up to 90%. You can purchase a tongue scraper from Wal-Mart, RiteAid, Walgreens, etc. and they cost under $5. I use mine every time I brush and it makes a huge difference in my health!

Tip 4: Go Natural

Going natural can mean all sorts of things, but in today’s times it is commonly referred to cutting out toxic, chemical based products and switching for natural substitutes. We have done this slowly but surely over the past two years and it has done WONDERS for our family. We do not use any medications {only natural supplements}, we use natural cleaners, natural beauty products and toiletries, natural laundry products, and eat natural/organic foods as much as possible. Make these simple changes over time and pretty soon you will be “all natural” too!

Tip 5: Drink More Purified Water, Lots!

You’ve probably heard the term, drink eight, 8 ounce glasses of water daily. Yes, this is true, but make sure your water doesn’t contain lead and other harmful contaminants while doing so. Also, did you know that bottled/packages water isn’t always safe? A lot of these waters are not regulated and can contain harmful metals and other contaminates that are not safe for you and your family. Does your water contain fluoride? This is another harmful containment. Using a water filtration system that removes 99.9% of all containments INCLUDING LEAD is what you need. This is especially important during times of emergency. We use these filters and have them in our emergency preparedness kit.

Take the next couple of weeks to begin implementing these changes into your lifestyle and you will be amazed out how wonderful you feel. Join me over at my blog for regular health tips and be sure “Get on the List” to receive health tips and resources straight to your inbox for free.

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  1. Nicole says

    Thanks so much for the tips! I had not heard of probiotics before. We’re gradually making the switch to natural/organic foods. There are so many more options now then there was when I tried 10 years ago!

    • says

      Nicole, that is fabulous! Yes, I agree that there are TONS more options now than there were 10 years ago. The research has really been done and it helps to weed out the “fake” organic/natural items from those that truly are. Make sure you look for non-GMO organic products and KOSHER items will also be an indicator of 100% natural. Shopping at your local farmers market vs. the grocery store will also help with this transition. Good luck!
      xo, Jenn

  2. says

    I love your tips! We’re also slowing trying to eat more natural foods. We buy wheat bread and check the ingredient list but my end goal is to make it from scratch.

    • says

      That is great, Angela!! making simple changes like switching from white to whole wheat bread and eventually making it yourself will hugely improve your families health. It is the highly processed foods that are slowly but surely hurting our families. I would love to begin making my own bread too and it’s on my list! Good luck!
      xo, Jenn

  3. Melinda T says

    Great tips! I’ve fortunately been healthy all my life, but as I’ve gotten older, I want to take better care of myself and my family!

    • says

      Melinda, you have been blessed to be healthy all of your life, that is great!! You know, one thing I have learned though is that we can always strive to be healthier by learning and making small changes. Every time I feel like I am really healthy and on track, I learn something new that helps me develop in certain areas and then be able to share those lessons with others. I encourage you to keep learning how to be healthy….it will be wonderful for your children to see that in you and strive to make healthy choices themselves. Cheers to our health! xo, Jenn

  4. Natalie Diaz says

    I will try my best to follow this tips, they are very helpful, thank you very much for posting!

  5. says

    I had to laugh when I saw your post here was preceded by two posts of a rather contradictory nature- ie ‘sweetheardt cupcakes with meringue cookie top’ and ‘Valentines s’mores bites.’

    Love your tips. Water is just pure joy. I carry a bottle that has its own charcoal filter in it. That way I can fill up on the run and reduce waste from buying water in plastic bottles.

    I’ve actually had a vitamin D injection that lasts for 3 months after finding my levels were not so good. It might be worth checking this out for those who don’t like injesting pills on a daily basis.

    I do have to remember the probiotic tip though- I’ve always had injestion problems and often forget to do this. Thanks for the friendly reminder!

    PS I’ve lost 30kgs (around 66 pounds) in the past six months though have really struggled with it (thanks to some major life-changes). I still have another 30 to go, unfortunately. My body really knows how to convert any form of energy into long-term storage, and after 45 years of bad habits, it takes quite a bit of work (and some insulin-resistance meds) to help me lose anything. Going natural for foods, and making everything from scratch so you know what goes in your food, certainly helps. The other thing that really helps is making sure to get enough protein. Protein converts well into energy and staves off hunger.

    • says

      That is funny! Well, my contribution to the blog is health related….and I am passionate about it, but sometimes we need to have a little fun too and eat some sweets, right?!?

      Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your weight loss and health progress. If you want to join the challenge with the wonderful group that has already registered, I really encourage it. Sometimes having motivation of like minded people, is really helpful!!

      I wish you all the best. Cheers!
      xo, Jennifer

  6. Melanie says

    I would love to know brands of what you use. (Probiotics, water, etc.) and where to buy them. I never know if I am getting the real thing or something with synthetics and fillers in them. Thank you.