5 Favorite Spring Beauty Products

favorite spring beauty products

New lip gloss, lotion, perfume, nail polish… I love trying out new makeup and beauty products! Sometimes products aren’t as amazing as I would hope them to be, and not necessarily because it is a bad product. Maybe it just doesn’t work for me or maybe I already have another product I prefer way more. Other times, though, I encounter products that quickly become favorites. Today I’m sharing five spring beauty products that I absolutely LOVE. Take a look:

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1. They’re Real Mascara || $28.90 – I don’t usually spend money on expensive mascara because I have had the same success with drugstore mascara. But this one is different. Long lashes, no clumps and an amazing wand that literally makes your eyes POP! This is the real deal! If $30 is too much for you to spend on a trial mascara, try getting the travel size for only $9.99.  

2. Garnier BB Cream || $10.39 – I’ve been using this for 4 years now and it completely replaced my foundation! A tiny amount goes a long way- this stuff will last forever! It goes on very smooth and feels light- not cakey at all! It offers great blemish coverage and moisturizes without making your skin feel oily. In fact, I often use it to freshen up when I have to run somewhere and I don’t have time to wash my face and reapply all my makeup. Plus, it is SPF 15 so you get a bit of protection from the sun. There are different varieties and colors for your specific skin-type, so order accordingly.

3. NYX Blue Lipgloss || $6.95 – My sister in law introduced me to this stuff and I love it! It is a clear lip gloss with a slight blue tint that is supposed to make your teeth look whiter. While I haven’t gotten anyone complementing my fabulous white teeth, I can say I love how this lip gloss looks. And it doesn’t dry out my lips- bonus!!

4. Sinful Colors #923 Nail Polish || $1.25  (plus shipping) – I had a manicure before Thanksgiving last year and the lady said I should try a light gold sparkle instead of just a clear coat like I usually get. (I have an aversion to color on my nails because it chips so easily!) Anyway, I ended up LOVING it so much, I set out to find my own. While my drugstore didn’t have any gold in stock, I reluctantly bought the silver and I’ve been using it ever since! One coat gives a subtle shimmer, which I LOVE, but even 2 coats is a fun color that is not over the top. Best of all, since it isn’t a solid color, you can’t tell when it starts to chip. I can get away without re-painting for weeks!

5. Velvet Sugar Lotion from Bath & Body Works || $10 – If heaven had a scent, this would be it. My sister got me some for Christmas after she, herself, fell in love with it.  It is a soft, sugary smell that is sweet but not over bearing. I put a small amount on my hands and arms before I head out the door and I have received NUMEROUS compliments from friends and strangers alike.  Also, using it makes my skin feels nice and soft- not oily at all!

So there you have it!

What do you think? Are you coveting any new products this spring? Have you tried any of my favorite products listed above? I’d love to hear what you think of them!? Share in the comment section below!

This post originally published in April 2014 and was updated with our new favorite products in 2015.

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