A Gift for a Substitute Teacher

My daughter’s 1st grade teacher had a baby earlier this year, and while she was on maternity leave, my daughter had an AMAZING substitute teacher for 6 weeks. I didn’t realize it was her last day teaching until I went to volunteer in the classroom one day. I wanted to get her a card or SOMETHING, and time was running out, so I ran to the closest grocery store to see what I could come up with. I ended up thinking of a perfect gift for a substitute teacher- take a look:

gift for a substitute teacher

What I bought: 1 Gift Card to Subway, 1 Gift Card to Gap, Markers and Post-It Strips.

gift for a substitute teacher 2

Remember, I said I was at the grocery store, so while it would have been nice to embellish this or make the cards cuter, my time (and supplies!) were very limited! The pictures for this post were taken in my car… that is how last-minute this idea was!

I  had my daughter sign a card for her and I wrote a simple thank you message and we stuck the gift cards inside the envelope and called it good. My daughter loved giving her teacher something special on her last day.

gift for a substitute teacher 1

Simple, EASY idea, but thoughtful- right? :)

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    • Stephanie says

      Thanks Bridget! And a plant was on my list too, until I passed the gift card stand. There isn’t too much you can get at the grocery store! :)

  1. Gail says

    As a sub myself, I just want to tell you how thoughtful you are! If her teacher was on baby leave, the sub may have been responsible for all the planning, and grading for not a lot of pay, so I’m sure her gift was very appreciated.