A Hodge Podge of Mod Podge- 10 Mod Podge Ideas

10 mod podge projects

Mod Podge is one of those items no crafter can live without!

Here are some fun mod podge ideas floating around blog land:

1 mod podge projects

1. I love this simple monogram! And would you believe Christy’s Creative Chaos made out of a shipping box?

2 mod podge projects

2. Tin Stars are a fun piece of decor, but Not So Idle Hands shows us how much more fun they can be with some paper and Mod Podge!

3 mod podge projects

3. I love how unique these Starfish covered in book pages are. See the simple tutorial on Tales from an OC Cottage.

4 mod podge projects

4. I’ve actually Mod Podged a Book of Mormon before, but mine didn’t turn out as cute as these mod podge scriputres  from Meet Virgina!

5 mod podge projects

The How Does She girls have a site full of creative inspiration- how cute is this stacked photo display?   Wood and vinyl never looked so good together!

6 mod podge projects

6. Dress up your clothes pins with Blue Cricket Design– cute and simple to make, I love it!

7 mod podge projects

7. I can’t even count how many puzzles I have thrown away because pieces go missing. From now on I am using Inspiring Creations’ idea of making vintage puzzle magnets– so clever!

8 mod podge projects

8. This monogram photo collage is one of my favorites! See the entire tutorial from A Little Moore.

9 mod podge projects

9. I wish I would have seen these embellished text books when I was in college. Thanks for the inspiration, Gorg Fab Goodies!

10 mod podge projects

10. This is one of my personal favorite projects, found right here on Somewhat Simple. This is The Exercise Block… but it requires NO EXERCISE to use it! If you need a good laugh, be sure to check it out!

For even more mod podge ideas on Somewhat Simple, click HERE.

Lastly, if you haven’t ever seen the awesome site Mod Podge Rocks, (where have you been?!) you must check it out! Amy is the creative mind behind Mod Podge Rocks and her site has to be the best place in the world to learn how it works, to get tips on techniques, and to be inspired by her HUGE archive of Mod Podge projects!! Not to mention everyone in blogland LOVES Amy, and you will too!

For those I have featured, feel free to grab my button.

This post was originally published in August 2010 and revised in February 2013


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  1. Random Recycling says

    I second the starfish awesomeness! I should get started now on some holiday gifts…

  2. Brenda@Cozy Little House says

    I just stumbled across your blog. And Mod Podge is my favorite craft! Now I'm going scrolling through your blog.

  3. Kathy says

    Love the books! What a great idea for all of those garage sale books I see everywhere! I started a tin star like the one you have pictured, but never finished it . . . where IS that thing? Hmmmm.

  4. The Dye's says

    Love the Modge Podge post. I agree with Kathy, It's a great idea for garage sale books or those books you have that keep falling apart.

    I'm not really sure about defacing my scriptures though. I think it would be awesome to make a sleeve for the cover, but I wouldn't feel right about actually covering it permanently.

    It is super cute though. So are the other crafts. Makes me want to start more modge podge projects. I need to finish the ones I just started though.

  5. Erin says

    I'm in love with all of these!! I have threatened to Modge Podge my cats if they sit still long enough. LOL

    I LOVE me some Modge Podge! :)

  6. Carrie@My Favorite Finds says

    Could you please tell me the link for the large M photo collage? I clicked on the “collage” word, and it took me to a view of the photo. Thanks!

    • says

      YAY!!!!! Stephanie, thanks so much for contacting me and for updating the link for this tutorial! I don’t know why the link went bad, but I cannot even tell you how many people have asked me about it! Someone pinned it on Pinterest, so I had dozens of emails asking where the tutorial was on top of the comments left on this post! I tried finding your site to update the link, but I was unsuccessful! (I seriously have an email saved in my inbox that I forward to people who ask about it because I had so many people asking me!) It is a great project and I am so glad that I can finally refer people to the right link! I will update the post right now!!!

  7. Courtney Hess says

    Is this letter by Darice made of paper mache? I am wanting to make sure before I order. That is the only think i can find online.

  8. Lanette Woods says

    I’ve looked everywhere online trying to find a 23.5″ letter W to make the letter collage and can’t find one anywhere. Where did you find yours and if you have a link to where I could find it that’d be awesome! I LOVE the idea!!

  9. Jennifer says

    I’m loving the “M” made with the child’s pictures!!! Can you tell me how you did this? I would love to make one for my son’s room!!! :-) Thank you!

  10. Debora says

    I love Mod Podge……the only issue I have is that when ever I use it on any thing paper wise my paper want to curl up or bubble up, not stay flat????? Can any one tell me why this is and how to stop it?

  11. sharon knapp says

    Love your M. Monogram pictures…I read your totortial and still have some questions. When you printed your own black n white photo , in the draft mode, did you just use plain copy paper or photo paper??? Did you have any problem with edges rolling up???? Hope to hear back from you. Think I’ m going to have my husband make the letters. They will be first initials for our 2 granddaughters. Thanks Steph.