A New Site Design- Thanks LexiLyn Studio!

Finding a good web designer who knows her stuff is hard to come by. But finding a good web designer who is also trustworthy and kind is even better!

I had heard of Amy from LexiLyn Studio and I had seen some of her installation work, but it wasn’t ’til I was sitting at the continental breakfast in my hotel on day 2 of Snap that I got to know Amy personally- and it was then and there I knew I had to hire her!

If there is anyone ever so sweet, it is Amy.

We chatted over a bagel and OJ all about blogging, design, and life in general. This girl has been through a lot, and it amazes me how such adversity can make someone seem so loving and gentle when it seems natural to be bitter and angry! I left breakfast that morning with a new friend.

And an awesome friend who knows web design.

…which is a total bonus!

A little background:

I decided to make the FINAL switch from Blogger to WP in the Fall of 2010. (I say “final” because I had tried it twice on my own and it wasn’t pretty.) I knew I needed to hire someone, and that was a hard decision to come to because up until this point I had never paid for anyone to do anything on my site- EVER!

I found a guy on etsy who was priced somewhere mid-market and his feedback was great. He was going to do a site transfer and re-design so  I paid him the down-payment just before Christmas and he said the design would take 2 weeks tops, and that included installation.

MONTHS went by and finally in MAY(!!!!) I got sick of his excuses and sick of a having a half-done site, so I let him go and I hired someone else to due damage control. This new guy did his best, but the sloppy coding from the first guy wasn’t going to be taken care of without a huge blog overhaul. (Not really something you want to hear about your “brand new site”, right?)

So I lived with a bad blog that loaded slow and had glitches like no other (thanks for sticking with me, by the way!) and I was sinking hundreds of dollars at a time to have things fixed “here and there.”

Knowing that I needed a change, and knowing I needed a change sooner than later, I started looking into who to hire next.

During this process, I learned:

Some web designers are not nice.

Some web designers charge you more than they originally quote.

Some web designers up and close their sites in the middle of your project and try to hold you to a contract when you feel like they aren’t doing the work you agreed on.

Trust me. I’ve experienced all of this. All in the past 6-8 months.

And it was very discouraging.

Which is why anyone who would ever meet Amy from LexiLyn would love her under normal circumstances. But when you’re in desperate circumstances like I was, you could almost hear the angels singing “Halleluiah! when we sat down for breakfast those months ago!

So, what do you think about my site now????? Isn’t it pretty?!

I worked with another designer on the actual layout (I knew exactly what I wanted!) but Amy took the design and made it function.

And how about that logo? Amy designed it!

I loved my old logo a lot, but I wanted something of my own (the etsy designer resold that logo- and I knew that going into it, but I didn’t care at the time!) I also wanted to “soften” it up a bit. I always thought my style was bright and cheery, but each time I’d find a new site with soft blues and yellows and greens I would feel so happy. I decided my taste is much softer than I originally thought- who knew something besides my mid-section was so soft??? :)

I just wanted to tell you that even though the process of switching from Blogger to WP took WAY longer than I thought and I had a mess of a site for over a year, working with LexiLyn Studio made it all worth it now that I see my site exactly how I envisioned it would be!

Amy doesn’t know I am even writing this, nor is she expecting that I give her a shout out on any of the work she did for me- I just thought I’d spread the word for any of you in need of some web/design help.

She is good at what she does.

She is sweet and she is honest.

And I’m so glad we’re friends.

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  1. Tauni says

    Your site looks fantastic and I am sure it’s nice to have everything in working order. Isn’t Amy the best?! I am so happy with my new site and really couldn’t have asked for more.

    • says

      The new SNAP site looks WONDERFUL!!!!! And I was totally clueless to how fast those tickets were going to sell out! I had it on my calendar, but I didn’t get to it right in the morning so I casually stopped by in the afternoon, bought mine and called it good. Then I’ve been hearing from others how crazy fast they sold and all the people who still want tickets and I am counting my lucky stars I got my hands on one!!! So excited!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness Steph, you are so nice! Thank you for the shout out and its been wonderful working with you. I’m so glad we are friends too! Too bad we live in different states. :)

  3. says

    Wow it does look great! I especially like the calendar date “post it’s” on the left of the posts. If my blog ever gets big enough I will definitely contact Amy!