A present for your husband

Want to see a super fun idea for a present for your husband?

Let me preface this post by saying my husband is a super thoughtful kind of guy.

He likes a gift with meaning- something that takes more thought than money and something he can’t just go buy himself.

Like, he would totally love a new baseball hat, but if he really wanted a new hat, he’d buy one.

Also, my husband is the best gift giver in the world, which means I get awesome presents, but it also means I have to be awesome for him too.

This year I racked my brain for weeks and weeks and nothing creative ever came to me.

I was super frustrated, until I saw an idea that Mique did on 30 Days for her husband on their 8th anniversary.

I saw this idea literally 3 days before his birthday, so I adapted it to fit a birthday instead of an anniversary and it was perfect!

(Thanks Mique!)


The concept is to get your guy a bunch of presents (as small or big as you’d like) and give him a gift every hour of the day.

Since my husband was turning 34, he opened a present on the 34th minute of every hour that day from 8:34am to 8:34pm.

Shopping for these presents was almost as fun as giving them!

The kids and I just hit Target and bought him things he needed and things he loved.

Then I simply wrapped each present and labeled it with the time of day he was supposed to open it.

I like this idea because it made the entire day special.

{And the kid’s had a blast watching the clock all day waiting for the hour to pass!}

His birthday fell on a Sunday, so I made sure we brought a few presents for him to open in the car before and after church.

If your guy is working, send him to work with a present for each hour.

And because the fun came in the actual “giving” of the gifts, we got him things that would otherwise be kind of boring. Like his favorite kind of potato chips-  if I gave my husband a bag of chips for his birthday, he’d probably shrug and say, “Gee, thanks honey!” But knowing the kids and I bought a bunch of items that reminded us of him made it more sentimental and thoughtful.

It was a great birthday!


You could adapt this idea and give your husband a gift on the minute of however many kids you have- 4 kids means he gets a gift at 8:04. Just an idea! :)

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  1. Mique says

    Yay!! So glad that you found the idea and that everyone had fun. Guys are so dang tough to get gifts for. Ugh! Glad he liked it!

  2. says

    Super cute idea! I had a friend do this for me in college… she had all my friends write me cards.. and gave them to me one an hour. its one of my favorite birthday memories.. I am sure your husband loved this too.

  3. Lindsay says

    I did this for my boyfriends birthday in march….I got him concert tickets which he knew about but wanted him to have something to open…it was fun and we both laughed because I through in squirt guns (2 one for each of us) :-) spreading it out would have been more fun:-)

  4. Christian wood says

    I did this for my girlfriend and it was so much fun just getting the gifts as it was watching her opening them !!! I spent way more that I was planning but I loved it an I think she did too !! Lol you have to really someone to do it !!!

  5. Brittany says

    Awesome idea…my husband fishes and I believe I will give him all kinds of fishing lures that he uses for his 43rd birthday in March. Thanks for the idea!!!!!!!!

  6. jolanda says

    love this idea…saw something similiar on pinterest but couldnt find it again and then came across this one…
    love the fact for every hour and also you can adapt if for fathers day. for fathers day would you give, lets say you have two kids both kids their gift to dad at 8:02 or one at 8;02 and one at 9;02 ?
    and what are some gift ideas you would give your hubby for b-day and fathers day ?

  7. Silvana says

    What can i do if he is spending his birthday out of town??? He is working and donno whatto do to make this day special despite of the distance :)

  8. Angie says

    I love this idea! I have been racking my brain to pick out a gift for my husband this year..I am sooooo doing this. :-)

  9. me says

    i didnt knw wat to be give…nt even 1 gift… so hw cn i thnk of 24 gifts……pls share the gifts u’v given

  10. Sandy says

    Oh Stephanie, this couldn’t have come at a better time. My husbands 60th birthday is in 2 days. I’d better get a start on this. Probably won’t be a good as yours, but I’ll try. And I’m going to have everything in a Mason Jar, wrapped with ribbons and a kids party hat. We’ll be on vacation, so that will make getting “things” there a little harder. But he’ll still love it. Thanks, Sandy

  11. sofia says

    HI, this is great! we are on vacations for my husbands birthday with our sun, we are going to new york, we are from Argentina, any ideas??

  12. love2thinkaboutu says

    I love this. I did something for my hubby for his 25th b-day. I made him a gift basket and used things he like in sets of 25….a mug he liked w/ 25 hersheys kisses, 25 of his fav snacks, etc… Just use what the person likes.
    Go crazy.

  13. Kathy says

    I sure do love this idea,Stephanie! Guys are so hard to come up with ideas for. My husband has plenty of ties and shirts and…..ties and shirts! He always says “I don’t need anything or I don’t know,” my 26 year old son says that,too! And I can’t afford things too expensive or at all. So this will be just great! And I think they will love opening a gift all day long. Maybe even some gag gifts would be fun, like mexican jumping beans, a pair of superman pjs (cape included), stressrelievers,like a smooth rock, silly putty. Or a date night note for my husband and a bucket of ice cream from 31 flavors( a note, not ice cream, although that would be a good,messy gag gift) for my son. Or maybe a note that says you have to find a gift by following the instructions. And lots of ideas for girl’s gifts. Thank you for this awesome creative idea! Creativity rocks especially when we share them!

  14. Cathy says

    That is such a great idea. My fiances birthday is coming up. A Valentine’s baby. So it kind of gets really crazy with Valentines and him not being around on his birthday since he works a lot. So this would be a great idea. I can place them in his truck and leave notes telling him when to open each gift. Thanks for the great idea.

  15. Denisha Mehta says

    Dear Madam,

    Can you please share the ideas like what kind of things you bought for him?


  16. Leanne McCaffery says

    I am so excited I came across this idea! Stephanie, thank you! Since there have been several people asking for gift ideas for the 12 little “happies”, I thought I would give some suggestions! I am planning to do my husband’s 42nd birthday in June. I will do stuff like…..a new charging cable for his iPhone, some new ear buds, a snack size bag of his favorite chocolate candy, a new coffee mug, some new white undershirts, a couple pr of his favorite socks, a new scarf to wear on cool windy days, a coupon for a home-cooked candle light dinner for two, a coupon for an Exclusive “HIM ONLY” Shoppimg trip to Bass PRo shop or his favorite sporting goods store, some new shotgun shells, a new Hunters Orange safety vest, a large pack of hand & feet warmers, tickets for you two to the movie, a movie rental from Red Box of his favorite all time flick, and of course gift cards,just enough for a sandwich & drink, a gift card to his favorite pizzeria, a new gas can & gas card with just enough to fill up the can for the lawnmower! Just use ur imagination! It’s fun! Thanks again Stephanie!

  17. Stephanie says

    I only did 12- we didn’t wake him up each hour of the night. And I don’t remember all of the gifts- they were just a few of his favorite things- his favorite snack, aftershave, candy bar etc.