“30 Rules” – A Thoughtful Birthday Gift

Last March I turned 30 and my sweet sister in-law gave me a thoughtful birthday gift!

thoughtful birthday gift 6

She found 30 items and thought of a “rule” or some advice that would be helpful for me in my 30’s. She tagged each item with a number and the written rule with these fun tags.

thoughtful birthday gift 2

A couple of my favorites were:

thoughtful birthday gift 3

thoughtful birthday gift 4

She stuffed them into a fun container, in this case it was a water pitcher, then she tagged the container and tied a poofy bow to the top.

thoughtful birthday gift 1

It was so fun reading all of the “rules”, and though some items were silly, most of them definitely came in handy and were super fun! (She gave me her favorite lip gloss, some moisturizing foundation (which is now my absolute favorite thing in the world) and so many more fun items!

And she was right, 30 does in fact RULE!

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  1. says

    Aww that’s so sweet! I turned 30 in September and found out that hangovers aren’t so forgiving at my age. I could’ve used a pitcher of advice then and now we’re expecting our 2nd little one. I LOVE the candy comment and will probably be using this shortly since the 2-year-old is “exploring the world”.

  2. Macey says

    I am edging closer and closer to 30 and this would be such a fun gift to give and get!! What other “rules” did she put in there?

  3. TJ says

    This is awesome!! What a thoughtful idea!! Any chance we could see more? I’m not great in a creative crunch but would loooove to plagiarize this for my sil upcoming birthday in a week!!

    • says

      I wish I had more pictures or could remember all of them! Sorry about that! My SIL said she just walked around Target and found random items and then made up a rule for them to make it fit. She also did this for her 40 year old friend and had some good ideas too- one item was a spray can of starch that said “wrinkle free” and her rule was said something to the effect of keeping your clothes wrinkle free since your face won’t be! Ha!

  4. Beth H says

    I’m almost out of my 30’s… wonder what the advice for 40’s (and still with small kids) would be! :)