April Fools Day Activities

Here are some of my favorite April Fools day ideas and pranks that I’ve seen online:

Food Mix Ups from Family Fun

 Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Cupcakes: No sugar at all in these cute cupcakes
Gag Lunch: Make a sacked lunch a bit more humorous
Jell-O Drinks: Make a cup of Jell-O look like juice

Pranks from Martha

Spilled Coffee: Coffee on the comforter? There’s no cause for alarm — if the mess isn’t real.
Colored Water:
Using non-toxic Crayola Dyes, turn your water a crazy color!

Cockroach in a Slipper: Place a big ol’ fake roach in the slipper of the family member.

Even More Fun
Car For Sale- One of the best pranks I have ever read about from How Does She
Auto-Correct Madness- In Microsoft Word, use the Autocorrect feature to “correct” a commonly used word such as “the” by automatically inserting “April Fools’!”
Car Switch- Find your spouses vehicle at work and move it to another spot. Or, if he/she has keys to your car, switch out his for yours and park it in another stall. 
Drawer Switch- Move your husbands drawers around so he can’t find what he is looking for in the morning! (via Martha)
Unidentifiable Object- Insert a raisin into a tube of toothpaste. The unsuspecting person who squeezes it will be dismayed by what comes out onto his toothbrush.

Morning Coffee- Switch the sugar and salt container for a salty surprise! (via Martha)


  1. 1
    Paula Schuck says:

    Glad my kids can't read this. These are some funny pranks. I think I might try the raisin one. Thanks.

    New follower from welcome wednesday. Love your cute blog. I am looking for new layout ideas so thanks.



    I have a cruise giveaway going on right now for US only so come and check it out.

  2. 2
    ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com says:

    Fun! I've made those cupcakes and a few other things from Family Fun. Great ideas.


  3. 3

    Very fun! Thank you for the inspiration, I may just pull a prank or two

  4. 4

    You have some good idea. (fun blog too) I blogged about your april fools idea on mine. You can check out the link.


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