10 April Fool’s Jokes for Your Spouse

So funny! Don't forget to play some pranks on your husband this April Fool's!

Last year at this time I wrote a post featuring a bunch of ideas for April Fool’s Day. I had no idea it would get the response it did, but it was very popular and many people commented and left their own ideas. I learned there are some really funny people in this world! Some of those ideas had me laughing So. hard.

Since I originally intended the post to be about jokes you could play on every relationship in your life, I thought I would write a separate article specifically for pranks you can play on your spouse. I’ve included a variety, so if your spouse doesn’t handle jokes very well, there are a few mild and tame ideas here as well. As for me, I go all out! :)

10 April Fools Jokes for Your Spouse

  1. Place poppers under the toilet seat. You know, those little white “firecracker” type things that come in the cute little boxes? I bet you wouldn’t think they were so cute after sitting down for an explosive moment at the toilet…
  2. Food. If you are going to do a food-related joke, I recommend doing it about midnight (so the very start of April Fool’s). That way they are NOT expecting it at all. This helped me gain a lot of enemies in college. Think Chocolate covered cotton balls stringing from people’s teeth….or how about toothpaste-filled homemade oreos?
  3. Put His Car Up For Sale. Ok, this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I did this to my husband last year and he was getting calls all day. Put “for sale” on his car with a ridiculously low number. Not only is this a great April Fool’s joke on your husband, but it’s also a great joke on everyone that calls on it! I was a little extra mean and posted the picture to Facebook asking all my friends to call on it. One of my friends even said, “This is an answer to prayer! I was just praying that I could find a car in my price range and then I drove past yours!
  4. Put Googley Eyes On His Lunch. This one is totally harmless, but might bring a smile.
  5. Mess With His Phone. Change his ringtone to something totally lame or obnoxious or promiscuous and call him while he is at work. OR…Set random alerts/messages to go off all day.
  6. Send a Message. Send him off to work with a loving little pat on the bum, and make sure to leave a fun sticker or note attached without him knowing. It could be something like “I have no clue this is here. Applaud every time you see me” or something random and silly that will have him wondering what’s going on.
  7. Special Outfit. Tell your husband that you are headed to bed and that you are putting something “special” on for him. If he thinks what I think he might think, he won’t be too far behind you! Be hiding under the covers in footy pajamas, or something ridiculous that will have you both laughing for years to come.
  8. Auto-Correct Madness. In Microsoft Word on their laptop, use the Autocorrect feature to “correct” a commonly used word such as “the” by automatically inserting “April Fools’!”
  9. Car Switch. Find your spouses vehicle at work and move it to another spot. Or, if he/she has keys to your car, switch out his for yours and park it in another stall.
  10. Drawer Switch. Move your husbands drawers around so he can’t find what he is looking for in the morning!

Have some other ideas? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear your ideas!!!

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  1. Heather says

    Place a piece of hard candy in the shower head so when he gets out he is all sticky head to toe and will get back in the shower. The candy will last 3-4 showers :-)

  2. jamie says

    Have a pregnant friend pee on a pregnancy test. Save it in a baggy and “surprise” him! I did this two years ago when I had two babies back to back (14 mo apart), my husband about fainted when I showed him the stick with the positive sign for our third! I laughed so incredibly hard!!! Best joke that I ever played on him!

  3. AbbykatE says

    Buy some $1 and $2 scratch offs and buy some of the fake scratch off tickets that are fake winners and put one in with a few real ones. They all look real and ur spouse will flip 😉 did this to my hubby and he was so halarious!

  4. Diana says

    I made chocolate pudding, and filled a diaper with it. When my husband got home for work, he jumped in the shower like he does every day. That was my chance to take our daughters diaper off, and place the pudding filled one next to her, which she immediately started playing in and eating. When he got out, I was finishing up dinner and asked him to get the baby to the table ….and followed him with my camera. The total disgust that was in his voice when he yelled for me will have me laughing the rest of my life :)

  5. Luna says

    I had my friend help me with this. She was hanging out at our house and whwn she got ready to leave, told her to leave a note on his windshield stating sorry I hit your car and left my number on the note. He spent an hour outside looking for a dent or scratch on his car. Then once he called me of course I’m in the house laughing. I know its mean but at the same time it was funny because even though my cell phone number was registered in his. He never bothered to check the number before calling it.

  6. lizzy says

    im planning on slipping a chocolate bar in hubbby but crack when hes sleeping. hopeing it will melt ,so he thinks hepopped himself

  7. Jamie says

    Create a fake dating profile on a popular social dating website. Make sure you are able to remove the profile before you create it. Add his number and state “Call me to chat”. Or text. He’ll be getting random phone calls all day and text messages. Hahaha and you can set his profile to where it says that he is looking for male companionship. Lol I’m not against being gay or anything…but straight men get so uncomfortable when gay men hit on them. They don’t know what to do with themselves lol.

  8. Tylynn says

    Last year I did the oreos for my 4boys. The teenagers said “Really Mom? That is the oldest trick in the book.” My 3rd son caught on from the older boys and my 7yr old who is a munch mouth sweets freak took a bite and thought they were mint Oreos (his favorite) and quickly ate one and asked for another. Made me laugh!

  9. Susan simpson says

    When I was a teenager (years ago) I made cupcakes out of foam for insulation. It’s in a can at the hardware store. Spray in cupcake liners and let harden. Frost and decorate. My brother was so excited to eat one! That was my best joke ever for him.

  10. Amber says

    A few years ago my boyfriend woke me out of a dead sleep by grabbing me because he had a dream that a 3 foot black silhouetted witch was coming toward him from the doorway. I tease him frequently about it. This year I will be painting a styro-foam ball black, putting a witch hat on it and planting it on his side of the bed near his alarm clock.


    Tell him that you actually want to make love to him. If he’s smart he’ll realise that it’s April 1st. Or start one day earlier, look him in the eye on March 31st and say that you are tired tonight but can’t wait for an early morning lovemaking session. Next morning use your imagination of how to tell him he’s the April fool. Sadly I’ve learned that I’m gullible, although I’m no longer that fool…

  12. Lalia says

    I’m a scrapbooker so this is easy. Tell the family you made brownies for them to have while you’re gone. Bake the brownies, take them with you. Before you leave, cut the letter e from brown paper. Hence “brown-e’s”. Put the paper e’s on a plate and cover with foil. They won’t be happy with a plate of paper.