August 2009 Challenge Journal

Here is my weekly progress for this month’s photography challenge:

SONY DSCmy home


This is the guest room in our home that has recently become my kids favorite room of the house! I put a TV and DVD player in there that Ethan knows how to work and the kids think it is fantastic to have their own little “hang out”.



Here is a before and after of my dining room chair.

SONY DSCoutside


Don’t hate me, this picture wasn’t taken this week- it was earlier in the summer. But the reason why I am posting this one today is because thinking about this day just puts a smile on my face. Rob had just returned home from work and was frustrated because our sprinkler system just wasn’t working for some reason. He was out hand-watering it when the kids came out and his frustrations magically turned into smiles and laughter was all to be heard in our backyard!

SONY DSCmakeup in the mirror


Another one not taken this week, but posted today on Facebook, so it counts. (I make the rules of this challenge anyway and I say its fair.) :) This is me putting on makeup in Vegas last weekend. Cami thought I looked funny sitting like this in front of the mirror, but it was actually really comfortable! I used to sit this way as a teenager in my bedroom when I put on makeup and the only mirror I had was on the back of my door.



I am not posting this picture of Ryan to say he is my favorite child, I am posting this picture of Ryan as he will be 18 months old this month and I decided yesterday 18 months is my favorite age ever! Ryan is such a funny kid at such a fun age. He has all of the sudden discovered his independence, he is talking a lot lately, saying the funniest words. And he has a major attitude that is still funny. I know it only goes downhill from here- age 2 is hard; the fits, the tantrums… oh help me! For right now though, Ryan’s fits are comical, so I am really enjoying this age while it lasts!

So that sums up my week. How about yours?

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  1. I'm going to give this a try this week. It looks like fun. :)

  2. you forgot to mention that 18 months is the best because Ryan gets to enter nursery! oh blessed nursery I can't wait!