About Jessica

I'm an early 30 something gal who is married to a Real Estate Developer, and fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with my two little boys! I love traveling, home decor, organizing, baking, and anything that has to do with being a momma! My husband is always traveling somewhere for business, and the kiddos and I like to tag along and turn the trips in to a family vacation. I'm ecstatic to be a contributor on one of the best blogs that I've followed for a long time, "Somewhat Simple," and love sharing my traveling tips with you all!

I {heart} Dad-A Simple Father’s Day Craft

I {heart} Dad-Father's Day Kid Craft

I really needed a simple Father's Day gift idea this year.  Why?  Because I wanted my kids involved in creating the gift, and with them being the ages of 2 and 7 months, well... I'm sure there's no explanation needed.  {"Short attention span," pretty much sums it up} For my hubby, I knew a personalized coffee cup would be the perfect gift for Father's Day this year. I always keep a lot of these craft mugs on hand.  You just NEVER know when you'll need a personalized gift, in short noti … [Read more...]

“Home Made Simple” on the “OWN” Network

Decoupage Wall Gallery

I LOVE watching TV.  Yes, I'll admit it.  One of my favorite things to do at night is to sit down with my husband after we've put the kiddos in bed, and catch up on our favorite shows.  Lately, we've gotten in the habit of turning the channel to the "OWN," Network, to see what inspirational show is on.  It's always good to end your day with positive things, and we've always found that the OWN Network has incredible, "make-ya-feel-good," programs on. Saturday mornings are no exception, when the … [Read more...]

Travel to Mexico- The Excellence

riviera maya cancun

Hey All!  It's Jessica from Fantabulosity!  I surprised my husband for his 30th birthday with a trip to Riviera Maya and we stayed at the best all-inclusive resort, "The Excellence."  This was my second time visiting this resort, and once again, it was to-die-for!  I must confess that I had SUCH a good time, I didn't even get very many pictures of the resort to share with you all.  BUT... no fear.  I still have some great info, and you can always check out more hotel details and photos on their w … [Read more...]

What Happens In Vegas… Is Mommy Takes A Nap

Las Vegas-8

When my husband said, "Honey, I have to go to Las Vegas for a few days for a convention," my ears perked up.  I immediately started fantasizing about {not your typical thoughts of a vacation in Las Vegas} how my husband would be in meetings all day, and I could SLEEP in the hotel room during the days, and have date nights with my hubby at night. "Can I go?"  He was so surprised to hear me say that I wanted to go, but then replied, "Oh.. with the kids too?" Umm... ok I love my kids ya'll, but M … [Read more...]

Our Sporadic Family Trip-Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs Arkansas, National Park

Hey All!  I'm back to tell you all about a place we've traveled to recently... Hot Springs Arkansas!  Why did we go?  Honestly... the weatherman was calling for a ton of snow where we live, so we packed the kids up and got the heck outta dodge so we could avoid it. So pack your bags! I wanna take you along on our spur of the moment trip, and show you the gorgeous and great things we found in Hot Springs in the "off-season."  {I'll also fill you in on a few "travel tips for kids," that I found … [Read more...]