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I'm an early 30 something gal who is married to a Real Estate Developer, and fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with my two little boys! I love traveling, home decor, organizing, baking, and anything that has to do with being a momma! My husband is always traveling somewhere for business, and the kiddos and I like to tag along and turn the trips in to a family vacation. I'm ecstatic to be a contributor on one of the best blogs that I've followed for a long time, "Somewhat Simple," and love sharing my traveling tips with you all!

The “Excellence,” Riviera Maya All-Inclusive Surprise

Mexico-The Excellence Resort-2

Hey all!  I've been dying to share this awesome destination with you.  I surprised my husband for his 30th birthday, with a trip to Riviera Maya, where we stayed at that most incredibly, awesome, all-inclusive resort; "The Excellence."  This was my second time visiting this resort, and once again, it was to-die-for!  So... I must confess that I had SUCH a "good time," that I didn't even get very many pictures of the resort to share with you all.  BUT... no fear.  I still have some great info on … [Read more...]

What Happens In Vegas… Is Mommy Takes A Nap

Las Vegas-8

When my husband said, "Honey, I have to go to Las Vegas for a few days for a convention," my ears perked up.  I immediately started fantasizing about {not your typical thoughts of a vacation in Las Vegas} how my husband would be in meetings all day, and I could SLEEP in the hotel room during the days, and have date nights with my hubby at night. "Can I go?"  He was so surprised to hear me say that I wanted to go, but then replied, "Oh.. with the kids too?" Umm... ok I love my kids ya'll, but … [Read more...]

Our Sporadic Family Trip-Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs Arkansas, National Park

Hey All!  I'm back to tell you all about a place we've traveled to recently... Hot Springs Arkansas!  Why did we go?  Honestly... the weatherman was calling for a ton of snow where we live, so we packed the kids up and got the heck outta dodge so we could avoid it. So pack your bags! I wanna take you along on our spur of the moment trip, and show you the gorgeous and great things we found in Hot Springs in the "off-season."  {I'll also fill you in on a few "travel tips for kids," that I found … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Flying with a Baby

10 Tips for flying with a baby

Planning a vacation, and needing tips for flying with a baby? I had a friend contact me when she returned from a trip to Las Vegas, with her little bundle of joy in tow.  She started off by saying, "After this trip, I could give you a 1000 tips for flying with a baby, if you'd like to do an article for your followers?"  I immediately said, "Of course!"  I've traveled multiple times with my kiddos, and have found some tricks of the trade, but I knew how creative this gal was, and that she would … [Read more...]

No Passport, No Problem: Travel to Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico Vacation

I want to fill you in on a travel destination "hidden gem."  Back in 2008, when my husband, {Cough}, "proposed," to me, {I'll fill you in on the hesitation at the end}, we knew we wanted a destination wedding. I began scouring the internet for destination beach weddings, and although exotic locations kept catching my eye, I kept running in to one problem.  "A Passport is required to travel to this location."  A passport wasn't a problem for my husband and I, but I wanted family members to … [Read more...]

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