Back-to-School “Little Smarties” Teacher’s Gift

 My kids started school this week and I am really excited about the teachers they have!

I wanted to do something nice for them on the 1st day of school,

so I came up with this idea for my kids to give to each of them:

Simply take a zippered pencil pouch ($1 @ WalMart) and fill it with Smarties candies.

Make a cute tag and add some ribbon- that is it!!!

My son is going into 3rd grade, so I put

“Mrs. Fuller loves her 3rd grade Smarties” on his teacher’s tag.

My daughter is going into Kindergarten and that didn’t fit onto the tag, so instead I just put “Mrs. Voyles loves her Little Smarties”

Leah came to the car yesterday ecstatic that “Mrs. Voyles was sharing her candy with the class!”

This idea not only made a cute gift for Mrs. Voyles, it also made Leah’s day- BONUS!


  1. 1

    what a very cute little idea, I may do this for teachers at church

  2. 2
    Liz from Smarties says:

    Hi Stephanie! This is a great post & a fabulous idea- Thank you! We’d like to link to it on our Smarties Facebook Page. Is that OK with you?
    Kind regards,
    Liz Dee
    Director of Digital Media, Smarties Candy Company

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