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What are the best mommy apps? Watch the video to see my 5 favorites. Then comment below on your own favorites.

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Toddler Lock |

Get Pocket |

Organo Gold Hot Chocolate |

Pandora |

Instagram |

Renae’s Instagram |

Kitchen Timer |

Luv you all. Peace out yo!


Don't forget to pin ya'll!

Don’t forget to pin ya’ll!

What are your favorite mommy apps?

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  1. Truth be told, I don’t even have a smart phone! GASP! But I plan to get one soon (though I have been saying that for a year!) I will have to check out these apps if/when I ever get one! :)

  2. Hi Renae, I LOVED your high-energy video. Nice job! I just wanted to ask if you’ve heard of LifeTopix? It’s great for managing the family calendar. Many of our users are moms and love it! I invite you to check it out at the Apple App Store.

  3. Kristy Life-n-Reflection says:

    love everything you do!


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