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I am sure you are familiar with various rewards programs, right? Credit cards offer rewards for spending money, airlines offer rewards for flight miles, and many grocery stores offer coupons and loyalty programs. Rewards are all around us and most of the rewards programs are essentially giving us freebies for doing what we are already doing. Today I wanted to introduce you to a program that rewards you for searching the web. Yes, you read that right! Browsing the web just got even more interesting and exciting!

Introducing Bing Rewards.


Here is how it works…


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Joining is not only free, but it is also very simple. Just sign into Bing one time only and then Bing will automatically keep track of the rewards you earn. CLICK HERE to join Bing Rewards today.


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Set your home page to Bing and earn points while searching for articles and ideas you were needing to look for anyway. That is it! As you search Bing you’ll have one-click access to your credit balance, daily tips and redemption center.


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In addition to browsing the web, there is a variety of ways to earn reward credits. Bing gives you the opportunity to try out new features, take product tours and learn tips and tricks to help you find what you are looking for.

AND the more you search with Bing the higher your status is in the program (e.g. Member, Silver, Gold status etc.). The higher your status the more value you get – things like discounts in the redemption center and access to exclusive earning opportunities.


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Redeem your credits at any time in the Rewards Redemption Center. Choose from popular gift card brands, monthly video & music subscriptions and much more. Or if you prefer, you can donate your credits to your favorite charity or non-profit organization. You choose.

Earn Bing Rewards Everywhere You Go!
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Bing rewards is now mobile, so you can search and earn on the go. And when you use Bing to search on your phone, you can earn even more credits.

Let’s re-cap…

I love baking for all the different holidays- my kids love it too! I wanted to find some fun recipes for St. Patrick’s Day, so I browsed Bing and not only did I find a plethora of ideas, I also earned points that I can redeem for prizes. Awesome!

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It doesn’t get any easier than this! Give it a try and start earning Bing Rewards today!!

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