Summer Declutter Workshop- Week 4 of 4

Rubbermaid Homefree Series Closet Kit 3G59

Welcome to Week 4 of the Summer Declutter. We've got one more week to clean a hot spot in our homes, so let's get started! (If you're wondering what we're talking about, click HERE for all the details.) This Week's Assignment: Download the free Summer DeClutter Checklist HERE Choose 4 areas in your home to declutter and write them down in the 4 hot spot blanks (some suggestions: an area or two in your kitchen, paper clutter hot spot, a closet or cabinet, clothing....) Complete your … [Read more...]

Framed Dry Erase Calendar

family calendar 4

Looking for a way to get your family a bit more organized? This dry erase calendar is one of the most popular projects we've shared on Somewhat Simple! MATERIALS: Glass frame Sharpie marker Ruler Vinyl stickers if you have them (If you dont have them, just write the labels yourself with the marker.) DIRECTIONS: Flip the glass to the backside and begin measuring and drawing lines. It is important to draw the lines on the back of the glass so you don't have to worry about … [Read more...]

Free Baby Shower Printables from Basic Invite

whale invite

Everyone knows you need more than just a cute invitation to throw an amazing baby shower- you need a whole stationery set with coordinating decor and party favors! Our friends at Basic Invite have created two sets of baby shower printables you can download for FREE! Take a look: (How cute are those???!!!) Each set includes a bunting banner, cupcake toppers, folded treat cards, water bottle wraps, and thank you cards for your guests. Your next baby shower is going to be FABULOUS! CLICK … [Read more...]

Family Birthday Display and Printable


This Family Birthday Display is a fun way to keep track of the birthdays that your family celebrates each month. And we've included a free printable for the pennants to make it even easier to create- you're welcome! frame, ribbon, mini clothes pins, pennant printable, vinyl stickers, scissors, marker Click HERE Download the FREE PRINTABLE DIRECTIONS 1. Apply your vinyl stickers to the top of the frame. If you don't have access to these stickers, grab a paint pen and write it in your best … [Read more...]

Thin Mint S’mores

thin mint smores 1

Hi, Becky here from Bite of Delight!  Today I have a scrumptious twist on not one, but two old favorites.  If you love Thin Mints AND s'mores, you won't want to miss this perfect combination of chocolatey, gooey, crunchy goodness!  It tastes just like a Thin Mint girl scout cookie, only it's stuffed with a golden, toasty marshmallow.  Does it get any better?  I think not.  And if this isn't enough to make your life a little better today, you can have a whole batch ready to go in about 20 minutes … [Read more...]