He Shoots, He Scores: Boys Hockey Bedroom

boys hockey roomLast year my boys talked me into redecorating their baseball room into a boys hockey bedroom. Hockey is, after all, their very favorite sport and I live in a house with 3 of the biggest LA Kings fans! I began renovations during the playoffs and I’d like to think my hard work and creativity willed the team to their first Stanley Cup victory. It was an exciting time in our house- the boys got a pretty sweet bedroom all while watching their team dominate the NHL! Take a look at the details:boys hockey room 04

I started the room by focusing on what I wanted above the beds, since this would be the very first thing people would see. I was inspired by this Union Jack Room featured on Babble. I bought an LA Kings flag and framed a total of 16 pictures in simple white frames (from IKEA) and hung them with command strips.

On the bed: Grey quilt from IKEA, Pinstripe gray and white sheets from Target, Black Reading Pillow from Wal-Mart

boys hockey room 05Separating the beds, I placed a white dresser from Ikea and topped them with the chevron lamp shades I painted.

boys hockey room 06My favorite project of the room is this jersey shelf. I bought the shelving unit and black bins from IKEA and then painted the jersey names and numbers on them with stencils I made from vinyl. I let my boys pick 4 of their favorite current players and my husband picked 4 players that he loved from “back in the day.”

boys hockey room 07On the other side of the room, I made a vintage-looking ticket stub with all the info of game 6 in the Stanley cups finals. I was going to use vinyl right on the walls like this vintage basketball ticket, but instead I ordered it as a sticky poster from Paper Coterie.

boys hockey room 08I filled the window seat with black throw pillows from IKEA and I painted the King’s old crest on the center pillow using a stencil I made from vinyl.

boys hockey room 2

Also above the window seat, I added some vinyl letters saying “He Shoots, He Scores!!!”

boys hockey room 09Lastly, I wanted the second dresser to be another fun focal point, so I ordered a few more sticky posters from Paper Coterie- one of the entire team with the cup, one with Dustin Brown holding the Stanley Cup and one with Jonathan Quick holding the Conn Smythe trophy.

On top of the dresser, I bought 2 locker-type bins from Target and put my boy’s names on them just as the Kings have their names on their lockers. boys hockey room 3

So what do you think?

boys hockey room 1

My husband told me it was the room he always wanted… and he threatened to sleep in there instead of in our master bedroom. :)

I’m glad all three of my hockey fans are happy.


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  1. Beth says

    I love it! I have 3 boys and find it hard to find sports stuff for their rooms without it looking too childish. We r huge baseball fans here. I will definitely be stealing your jersey cubby station idea. Not sure I can wait a year for our Ikea to open though! Smiles-Beth

    • Stephanie says

      Thanks Beth! And waiting for an IKEA to open stinks! I’ve done it twice – once in Orange County and then again when we moved to Phoenix! Best of luck!

  2. says

    How fun is that? And I love your husband’s enthusiasm :) Maybe if I had boys instead of girls, my husband would be excited about my room re-do’s ha ha! The room looks great!!

    • Stephanie says

      Thanks Melanie! And I just saw your name on The Glitter Academy’s guest list – it will be fun to see you again!!!

    • Stephanie says

      It definitely wouldn’t look as good as it does in the LA Kings c olors, but that has nothing to do with the colors- just the teams! HA! :) Kidding, kidding! I’m sure it would look great! :)

      • says

        We’ll see! I’m going to use your room as inspiration for our boys. We moved a few months ago and aside from painting, haven’t done much in the way of decorating bedrooms… this has me motivated to get going! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Jill says

    This is fantastic! I love that it’s themed but not over the top! I also love hockey…but I’m also Canadian, so it’s pretty much expected 😉

    • Stephanie says

      That is exactly what I was going for! I am not a fan of any juvenile sports themes- way too cartoon-y and not my style at all!

  4. Ashley@biggerthanthethreeofus says

    Love that DIY ticket. Great idea! The bedding is simple yet clean. Really love how you pulled everything together. Coming over from TT&J.

  5. Carrie This Home says

    This is so inspiring, Stephanie! My son is just two but I can’t wait until he gets older so I can see what sports/events he’s into and decorate his bedroom accordingly! I love how you incorporated the black and white pictures and the chevron lamp shades. It’s cute but in a masculine way. So glad I hopped over from Link Party Palooza!

  6. says

    Hi! I came across one picture on Pinterest and I am obsessed with it. It’s my son’s first season playing travel hockey and barely one year since he started playing hockey. I am hoping to make this my project during off-season. I have to incorporate our love for LA Kings, hockey, his team and all the stuff that he has collected during the season. That jersey shelf would be great to showcase the jerseys he will be collecting through the years. You have excellent taste.

    • The Creative Team of Somewhat Simple says

      Your comment made me smile, thanks for stopping by Emilie! I am glad you like this idea! :)

  7. Jennifer says

    SUPER cute ideas here, will definitely be incorporating these into my son’s Phoenix Coyotes room. We’re in Phoenix also and are obsessed with hockey! Have you been to games here? They are so fun! Our family loves the excitement of watching hockey “Live” at the arena.

    • Stephanie says

      We go every year when they play they LA Kings! :) Nothing like a live hockey game!

  8. Pauline says

    This room is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! Hubby and I have baby #2 due in November, and this is exactly the room inspiration I was looking for! We are huge Kings fans and we wanted to share our love of the Kings with our boy! All the other hockey or little boy rooms I’ve see look so childish, but I can see a boy growing in this from baby to teen! Our daughter (1.5 yrs old) loves hockey and watching the LA Kings too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked to stay in the baby’s room!!

    • The Creative Team of Somewhat Simple says

      I’m so glad you like it! I also love that it’s a more modern feel and not so baby-ish :) Thanks so much for stopping by!