Blog Link Party with A Fabulous Business Planner

I just finished planning out some awesome business goals for 2014 and I wanted to share with each of you the workbook I used to help me through the process.

leonie dawson

Click here to purchase a copy!

I purchased both of these eBooks, the Incredible Life Planner AND the Incredible Business Planner from Leonie Dawson and I am so excited to put my goals into action and make the most of my blogging business in 2014!

I haven’t had the chance to dive into the Life Planner yet, but I really enjoyed the worksheets provided in the Business Planner. It made me think and visualize where I wanted to take this blog and then helped me set the goals necessary to execute my wish list. I feel pumped up and I have already hit the ground running!

If you’re looking for ways to evaluate your life and/or business, I’d recommend these books for sure!

Click here to grab your copy today!

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