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Ready for a fun caption contest?

The reader who is able to come up with the BEST caption for this picture will be sent their choice of a $25 Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card!!!

We are looking for the most witty OR the one that makes us laugh the hardest!

Just leave your best caption for this photo in the comments below, and please be sure to leave your email as well so we can get a hold of you!

Contest is open through Thursday, December 4th 9:00PM MST.



Here are our TOP 10 favorite captions and the winner of this fun contest:

10 . Silver shells, silver shells , it’s Christmas time at the ocean. – Kelly Cooke

9. Only 21 Days ’til Christmas?! #vacation #over – Mica Briggs

8. Forget “Over the River and Through the Woods”!! Granny retired in Florida!! – Bonnie Banks

7. Things I can never un-see. – Allison Millard

6. I will have Christmas where I want, doing what I want, wearing what I want. Just be happy I kept the shorts. – Samantha Vanderdonck

5. NEVERMIND what he took, just help me catch him! – Kelsi Adams

4. Let it snow?! I say “Let it show! – Katie

3. I stole his hat! I stole his hat! I stole his hat! – Heather

2. Curse that taco vender dressed like an elf!! Must. Find. Baño!!! – Whitney W.

……And the number 1 caption and the winner of the contest is…..

1. I should have picked truth. – Amanda Larson

Congrats Amanda! Please check your inbox and if you don’t see an email from us, email to claim your prize!!!

Thanks for playing along everyone!

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  1. Jackie says

    Dashing through the sand,
    In naught but my hot pants,
    Scuba gear in hand,
    Yah, that’s how this Santa dances!

  2. Lindsey rOsaChi says

    this picture is as close to frozen in gonna get this Christmas! Merry Christmas from the Caribbean

  3. Arminda Crane says

    “I don’t know what you’ve been told! (Like the song)
    But Santa doesn’t like the cold!”