Cardigan Vest

¬†We are excited to be here again at Somewhat Simple and this month we have a super fast, super simple project that you can make for only $1. (That’s right $1.)
Over the past few months I’ve noticed women around town wearing long, knit, cardigan style vests…and I wanted one…but I was really pregnant…and anything with a belt wasn’t in the cards…until now!
Finally this week I was able to make myself a copy of what I’ve been envying.
Here’s what it looks like:
And here is how to make it:
#1. Buy a Men’s T-shirt 1-2 sizes larger that you would wear in a woman’s size. (Example: If you normally wear a woman’s medium then buy a men’s large or extra large.)
#2. Lay the T-shirt out flat and cut a straight line up the front—from the bottom to the top—right down the middle—so now it opens like a jacket. (Don’t cut the back side! Just straight down the middle of the front side.)
#3. Next cut off the ribbing around the neck and the finished edge from around the bottom.

#4. Now cut off the sleeves. (When you cut them off make sure you cut so that you cut the seams off. Don’t leave them on or it will look weird.)

#5. Then I cut off an extra two inches at the shoulder and tapered it down into where I had already cut off the sleeve. I did this so so it would fit on my shoulders nicely without hanging out over the edge and giving me wings.

#6. You’re done! Try on your vest. Pair it with a great belt, a fitted shirt, and a necklace.

So that’s it. Easy huh? There’s not even any sewing involved! Oh, and about the $1 part. I bought my T-shirts at the dollar store (they have lots of plain colored T-shirts there) which makes the price just right.
Fast. Easy. Inexpensive. Wearable. It’s my kind of project.
Come visit us soon to see the children’s version of this same vest!

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  1. Okay, I totally want to try this one…love that I don’t even need a sewing maching for this…because although I have one, I am terrified to actually use it! LOL!

  2. It’s cute, but how did you get the “second collar” to get get the double collar–the drapey bit that seems to be going around the sides and back of the neck? Did you just fold the cut collar back? I see the main colar is just the front of the shirt folded open.

    • The “second collar” is just what happens to the shoulder fabric when you cinch the vest in at the waist. I like how it looks so I left the extra fabric there but you could eliminate it by cutting off a little extra through the neck and shoulders. I hope that helps.

  3. So awesome!! I’m definitely gonna try this very soon!! Julie I think the second “collar” is just the way she folded the fabric on the bust. like she pulled it together. Hope that makes sense.


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