Photography Tips w/ Heidi


Hi all! It's Heidi from sew.craft.create. Today we're talking about the background of your photo. The background is just as important as the subject! The right background really makes the photo pop! So, how do you find the right background outside? It's all about TEXTURE and COLOR! Find backgrounds that are either 1) rich in color or 2) full of texture or 3) both!! Some of my personal favorites are tree roots, rocks and concrete! Yep, you heard me correctly, concrete! When you're … [Read more...]

Family Photo Session Tips

Family Session header

Tis the season for family photos!  If you're anything like me, you're wanting some awesome new photos for your holiday cards and for gifting to loved ones.  You may even have a beautiful wall display in mind for your home.    In this post I hope to give you all the tips you need to have a wonderful experience this year for your family photo session! {TIPS} Before your Session: Find a photographer you love.  Start by getting referrals from friends and associates and scouring the inter … [Read more...]

PhotoTips w/ Heidi


Hi all! It's Heidi from sew.craft.create. I'm going to drop in every now and then to give you a few photo tips.  Tip #1: Don't worry about posing your subject   I love this picture of my daughter. She was really frustrated and didn't want to take any pictures. Instead of forcing her to stay still, I told her to be a goofy as she wanted! She started running around and making faces but I got some of the best pictures that day!  Tip #2: Snap pictures while people are interacting  I took th … [Read more...]

Photoshop Basics: Printable Storyboards


WELCOME TO PHOTOSHOP BASICS Join us each month to learn the basics of Photoshop, building a foundation for creativity! In this lesson you are going to learn how to create a printable storyboard with a matching board for your blog! Let's get started: In lesson 5 we learned that Layers is what it’s all about in Photoshop!   Now we are ready to work with a whole page of layered clipping masks! 1. To Begin Download the Life-n-Reflection Goodie: Maisy Storyboards Step 1 : Get ready to l … [Read more...]

Master Bedroom Collage & Monogram

master bedroom monogram 2

I hardly have any pictures hanging on the wall of me and my husband together- all our frames are occupied with pictures of the kiddos (they are much cuter than we are!) but I thought it would be fun to make a master bedroom collage that showcased the awesome places we have been, the fun stuff we have done, and the great memories we have made together! I made this arrangement that is now hanging just above our bed and I absolutely love it! (The big frame is 24x24 & the other frames are … [Read more...]