The Glitter Academy- Winter 2013 Event Wrap Up


Last month, The Glitter Academy hosted their 7th girls night out and it was just as FABULOUS as ever!!! We had so much fun with all of the ladies that donned their best "White Christmas" attire and came out for the party. We had an incredible dessert table that was almost too pretty to touch! The ladies from Petite Party Studio always do such a great job! Aimée and Bettijo (from Paging Supermom) decorated the restaurant in a dreamy wintry wonderland and it looked beautiful! There … [Read more...]

Handmade Gifts vs. Store-bought

gift chart

I always struggle with the same decision every year.  Should I buy or make handmade gifts for Christmas?  I CAN make gifts, and have in the past.  Sometimes it's a great option, and sometimes a store-bought gift can be just as thoughtful, and save you the additional stress in an already-busy season. Which lends the question: Handmade or Homemade.... what should I do? Do I WANT to give handmade gifts this holiday season?  This chart is a little insight into what my decision looks like from y … [Read more...]

Get Inspired to Transform Your Life!

liz fuji

Hey guys, please meet my friend Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a wife and mom to 4 boys (yes, the picture above was taken a few years ago and doesn't show her most recent addition.) Liz and I have been neighbors for 8 years. Our boys are best buddies. She teaches my 3 oldest kids piano lessons. She taught my daughter's ballet class. We celebrate family birthdays together,  we watch the Superbowl together... we really just LOVE her and her family!!! In March of this year, Elizabeth underwent her … [Read more...]

The Glitter Academy: Our Next Event

glitter 2

We’ve been busy planning our next Glitter Academy (in AZ) and are SO excited to see you all again! These events are always so much fun! We wanted to give everyone a heads up that tickets are going on sale NEXT Saturday, October 26th …so MARK YOUR CALENDARS! We will post a link on our blog at 9 AM MST. ;) To see more pics from our past events go here. Every one of them was a blast! There's always lots of girl talk, good food, crafting, laughter and of course giveaways! Our next event will take pl … [Read more...]

Loving What You Do


If ever I had a "thing", it'd be sewing.  Was I a natural when I was first learning?  Oh, heavens no.  In fact the first thing I ever made was a pair of mittens in junior high school, and to this day my good friends tease me about my squashed-banana-hand-mittens.  It wasn't pretty.  But I got better. If ever I had a disinterest in something, on the other hand, it'd be cooking.  *gasp*  I cook because my family needs to eat, not because I like to do it.  On frequent occasion, I open the cupboar … [Read more...]