5 Ways to Show Love

Love can have a short shelf life you if you aren't showing it frequently

Remember when you first started dating and all you wanted was to make the other person smile? For some reason, after time passes...we can forget that love has to be nourished and taken care of. Love, unless shown often, can have a short shelf life. And no one likes moldy love. One night several months ago I got frustrated with my husband. "Why am I always the first to tell you I love you every single night???" His classic response was, "I show you." Although saying the words "I love you" … [Read more...]

Fun Facts about Kissing

Vday - The KISS 1

Love is in the air, and what better way to show someone you love them than with a sweet, romantic kiss? Here are some fun facts about kissing we'd like to share with you today, from our friends at Simply Bridal. … [Read more...]

A Sexy Gift for Your Husband

sexy gift for husband 1

Let me tell you about a conversation I have had with my husband. Many times. Me: Hey, what do you want for Christmas? Him: You KNOW what I want. Me: No really, what do you want. I want to buy you something. Him: You don't have to buy me anything. Me: Ok, but seriously- what (besides THAT) do you want?! Him: Nothing. Does anyone else ever go through this conversation with their husbands? For every stinkin' holiday? But I don't want to give him THAT for a couple reasons: We … [Read more...]

Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Spouse

Hot Cocoa Christmas-Traditions

Today’s post is about Christmas traditions to start with your spouse. I know it’s not Christmas yet, but it’s almost November which means I’m starting to get into planning mode. Christmas is super special for me, which means I’m planning months in advance to help create all of the magic. Traditions are super important for family unity and bonding, but they are also really important for couples and marital relationships. Marriage isn’t always easy, but taking the time to create traditions and … [Read more...]

“Mint to Be”: A Thoughtful Gift Just Because


Let's talk about a simple thoughtful gift, shall we? Hey guys! I am Jessica, the other half of the creative team at www.prettyprovidence.com, and like Sarah mentioned in her shark week date night post, we are so excited to be the new relationship contributors on Somewhat Simple! Today I wanted to share a gift I gave my husband just because. He works SO hard. He is the best dad. He makes me feel beautiful and happy and loved. Sometimes in the midst of our every day routine I forget to show him … [Read more...]

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