Daytime Date Ideas


Hi there everyone, it's Anne from Circus Berry.  It is "officially" summer for most of us, which means our schedules are probably packed full of things we want to do or have to do while the getting is good.  Just because your schedule, or your kids' s … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Show Love

Love can have a short shelf life you if you aren't showing it frequently

Remember when you first started dating and all you wanted was to make the other person smile? For some reason, after time passes...we can forget that love has to be nourished and taken care of. Love, unless shown often, can have a short shelf … [Read more...]

Shark Date Night

Shark themed date night! A date your guy will love as much as you will. Eat shark themed food, decorate victim sugar cookies and watch Shark Week or JAWS!

Hey guys! I'm Sarah, one half of the creative team at Pretty Providence. My best friend Jessica and I blog about our frugal lifestyles. We love life with a budget. You may think that sounds weird, but it's true. We love saving money on the little … [Read more...]