1 Tip That Will Change Your Marriage

Such a game changer for marriage!

  When I was very first married, I was inspired by a new way of thinking. I am still trying to train my mind to think this way, but when I do, life (and relationships) are so much happier. The advice that was given to was to Love and serve your spouse without Expectations. Before you say "really, that's it??" and exit this post, let me explain a little further. It's harder than you might think, and living this way blesses any and all relationships in life--even with … [Read more...]

Pillow Talk: In the Mood for Love


Are you in the mood for love? It's time to let him know! I was joking with my husband the other night about sending him a "sign" so he knows exactly how I feel about "nighttime activities." I was only half serious, but the more I thought about it, the funnier it became! So I came up with this idea to let him know if I am "In the mood for Love"! It is literally the clearest "sign" he could ask for. No more wondering how I am feeling. Take a look: Grab a 5x7 frame and print one of these … [Read more...]

Daytime Date Ideas


Hi there everyone, it's Anne from Circus Berry.  It is "officially" summer for most of us, which means our schedules are probably packed full of things we want to do or have to do while the getting is good.  Just because your schedule, or your kids' social calendar, is packed doesn't mean you can't enjoy the company of your significant other in the sunshine.  The solution...what some friends of ours have dubbed...the DAYte.  Put simply, it is the date that happens in the day time.  That magical t … [Read more...]

9 Marriage Principles to Never Forget

Great read! Marriage principles to never forget!

Marriage isn't easy. At least not for me, and not for the majority of the world. I've noticed that my marriage goes through cycles: there's really good times, and there's okay times, and then there's times when I think, "What the heck?! How are you so annoying right now?!" It's during these times that I realize I have forgotten some things. I'm no marriage expert by any means, but I majored in Marriage and Family Relationships, and there are a few marriage principles that seemed to repeat … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Show Love

Love can have a short shelf life you if you aren't showing it frequently

Remember when you first started dating and all you wanted was to make the other person smile? For some reason, after time passes...we can forget that love has to be nourished and taken care of. Love, unless shown often, can have a short shelf life. And no one likes moldy love. One night several months ago I got frustrated with my husband. "Why am I always the first to tell you I love you every single night???" His classic response was, "I show you." Although saying the words "I love you" … [Read more...]