$5 Tulle Skirt

tulle skirt

This $5 Tulle skirt is the perfect amount of frills and fluff but is still wearable for everyday -- (as in our little girls cases:). Do you want to make one too? Here's how... Before you buy your fabric.... You are going to need 2 measurements: The first is a waist measurement- in my case I need 20 inches. Then second is a length measurement- in my case 10 inches (waist to knee measurement).        I made this particular skirt for a 2 year old. Now to know how much fabric to buy: … [Read more...]

School Book Zipper Pouch

school book zipper pouch

Do you have a child who loves to read? Recently, I got an email from a school teacher who wanted to find a way to go a little "greener" with the books she sends home daily with her students.   This fun School Book Zipper Pouch is my inspiration from her email. These bags are pretty simple to make- do not be too afraid of sewing a zipper if you have never done one before, it is easier then you think! I'll show ya! 2 outer fabric rectangles (the owl fabric) 12 inches by 13 inches. 2 l … [Read more...]

Fat Quarter Childs Apron Tutorial

childs apron

My little kids love wearing aprons while they help me in the kitchen! The tutorial I have for you today will show you how to make a simple childs apron using fat quarter fabric. A fat quarter is a piece of fabric that measures 18 inches by 22 inches.  You can buy them pre-cut to this size at most fabric stores or on-line. Let's get started! Material's Needed: 1 Fat Quarter 1 scrap of fabric 7" x 10" (for the pocket) Ribbon (3/8 inch to 1 inch wide) Matching thread Sewing machine … [Read more...]

Soft Fabric Baskets Tutorial

Fabric Easter Basket and Bucket

  After months of winter, I am longing for spring.   With Easter around the corner, I am sharing with you soft fabric baskets you can make in one evening.  Use these for a custom Easter basket, and use them the rest of the year to organize small items or crafts in your home. Baskets are approximately 5" high and 8" in diameter. Supplies to make one basket: (2) - 27" x 6" pieces of quilting cotton for the lining and exterior part of the bag. (1) 23" x 3 3/4" piece of cotton fo … [Read more...]

DIY Felt Ornaments

felt ornaments 1

Here is a simple activity you can do with your older kids- DIY Felt Ornaments. Materials Needed: Several sheets of felt in a variety of colors Scissors Buttons Needle and thread Ribbon Hot glue gun & glue Directions: Cut out varying sizes of felt circles. You can try to make these perfect with a stencil, but I actually like the look of the imperfect circles- it adds some character. Stack 5 or 6 circles on top of one another, then sew a button to the center of … [Read more...]