Soft Fabric Baskets Tutorial

Fabric Easter Basket and Bucket

  After months of winter, I am longing for spring.   With Easter around the corner, I am sharing with you soft fabric baskets you can make in one evening.  Use these for a custom Easter basket, and use them the rest of the year to organize small items or crafts in your home. Baskets are approximately 5" high and 8" in diameter. Supplies to make one basket: (2) - 27" x 6" pieces of quilting cotton for the lining and exterior part of the bag. (1) 23" x 3 3/4" piece of cotton fo … [Read more...]

DIY Felt Ornaments

felt ornaments 1

Here is a simple activity you can do with your older kids- DIY Felt Ornaments. Materials Needed: Several sheets of felt in a variety of colors Scissors Buttons Needle and thread Ribbon Hot glue gun & glue Directions: Cut out varying sizes of felt circles. You can try to make these perfect with a stencil, but I actually like the look of the imperfect circles- it adds some character. Stack 5 or 6 circles on top of one another, then sew a button to the center of … [Read more...]

color-blocked gloves

color-blocked gloves

With falling leaves come falling temperatures.  Stepping outside is beautiful and crisp this time of year, but it can also be a bit nippy.  Glove season has officially arrived, and I'm excited to share my color-blocked glove tutorial with you (see the original post here). MATERIALS NEEDED: Two sets of knit gloves.  I got mine 2 for $1.50 Matching thread INSTRUCTIONS: 1.  Cut both sets of gloves at the same angle. 2. Swap out the different colors to make color-blocked sets (you’ll be abl … [Read more...]

Drawstring Pouch Purse

drawstring purse pouch

This drawstring pouch purse is a great way to keep your things organized within a larger bag, or you can use this cute little satchel as a fancy gift bag for a special friend.  My daughter likes to use them as little purses, and she just loops the drawstring ribbons over her wrist to carry it around.  Whatever you choose to use it for, it's a fun and useful way to use extra fabric scraps- let's get started! Materials Needed: 2 coordinating fabrics A bit of 1" or wider ribbon About a … [Read more...]

30 DIY Halloween Costumes

diy costumes

If you're anything like me, you start thinking about Halloween Costumes about a week before Halloween.  Certainly not far enough ahead to make a large getup or super fancy costume, but you still want to help your kids have the best costumes they could imagine, right?  This is where Pinterest comes in really handy!  Give me Pinterest and about three nap times and I can whip up a pretty mean costume!  To make things easier for YOU, I've rounded up 25 amazing DIY Halloween Costumes that can be made … [Read more...]