Pumpkin Poo- A Halloween Snack for Kids

pumpkin poo 5

Want to send your kids to school with a Halloween snack that is sure to put a smile on their face? Whip up this Pumpkin Poo in just a few minutes using our free printable gift tags! First, download and print your gift tags. DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE HERE. I made several sizes, so you can choose which tag best fits the bags you decide to use. Cut out your tags, fold them in half, then staple them over the top of your filled treat bags. That's it! … [Read more...]

Grandparents Day Craft: Free Printable


We love our grandparents! They provide unconditional love, candy before bedtime, and lots of great memories. To help celebrate Grandparent's Day this year, Paper Coterie has has created the perfect free printable Grandparent's Day Craft. How cute is this: With an area for your child's artwork and a fill in the blank portion, this year's gift will be one from the heart. Just download, print, and have your children create a one of a kind keepsake. Make this year's grandparent gift something … [Read more...]

Fall Finger Painting

Kids Fall Tree Handprint Art Project

I love fall- it is my favorite season! The crisp air, the crunching leaves, the wardrobe change. I love the smells, the sounds, and the colors. Oh, the colors!!! I want to share a super simple little project to do with the kiddos that was inspired by those radiant fall colors- Fall Finger Painting. Supplies needed: 12 x 12 cardstock (mine was a very light grey) Craft paints (Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green) Foam brush Disposable plastic plate Hands (we all have a couple of those … [Read more...]

Mermaid Party- Make Your Own Mermaid Tails

mermaid party ideas 1

I recently featured the creative party invites we made for Leah's mermaid party, but now I want to show you something else we created that was a hit with the little swimmers- mermaid tails made from beach towels. Materials Needed: Beach towel Ribbon (long enough to tie in a bow around each girl's waist Rubber band Directions: Place a beach towel around her waist with the long part hanging down like a train of a dress. Tie your ribbon in a bow around her waist and then fold … [Read more...]

Stamped Apple Harvest Banner


I love the Fall for multiple reasons, but the main reason is because of the fun crafts that my daughter Riley and I get to create. One of our favorite things to do every Fall is to go apple picking- it's actually where I broke the news to my entire family last year that I was pregnant with our sweet, baby girl Avery, so it holds a special place in my heart. I also happen to love apple decor so apple stamping to create a Harvest Banner only seemed appropriate. Materials: An apple or two, … [Read more...]

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