Chalkboard Paint Projects

It’s nothing new, we’ve all seen a million walls, tables, etc done with chalkboard paint, but check out these fresh chalkboard paint ideas! I’m loving all of them!


 This project makes me what to go out and get myself a piano, I’ve seen several of them on craigslist for FREE…now if I only had the space in my house! Check it out @ The Modern Hive

Make your own custom colored chalkboard paint! Find out how @ Martha Stewart

 What a cool way to organize! I love that you can change the contents of the box and name on the label so easily! See it over @ Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

 I love everything over @ First A Dream, see how she transformed a screen door into this chalkboard! I love the size and how it frames it out!

 The always impressive Amy @ The Idea Room has done it again, check out her chalkboard notebook!

 These chalk rocks from Pottery Barn would be super simple to make yourself! I love to think of the endless possibilities these have!

 Globes turned chalkboards over @ Natalie Putnam. She used these for a Star Wars party to let the kids “create their own planets”! How cute is that?

Now I just need to get out & pick up some chalkboard paint!

(This post originally aired on Crazy Domestic in 2010)



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  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Love chalkboard paint! You really can use it on anything. The piano is especially cool!

  2. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Love chalkboard paint! You really can use it on anything. The piano is especially cool!

  3. Leena says

    I have not (yet) anything painted with chalkboard paint. There is one thing I always wonder: are these surfaces possible to get cleaned at all? Or does the paint collect all the dust and stuff on it….? Even though funny and pretty I see it unpractical…:/

  4. Beth Eaton says

    Hmmmm…I jsut happen to have a cottage screen door laying aroudn that needs a little work. I'm thinking this owould be really neat to do with mine!

  5. Home Hinges says

    Love the globes. I just did some pumpkins with chalkboard paint too. We love changing the faces. Chalkboard paint is awesome.
    April @

  6. says

    I’ve been considering getting hold of some chalkboard paint for a while now, and these idea have really inspired me to do so!! I love the idea of sprucing up a piano with it =) x