color-blocked gloves

color-blocked glovesWith falling leaves come falling temperatures.  Stepping outside is beautiful and crisp this time of year, but it can also be a bit nippy.  Glove season has officially arrived, and I’m excited to share my color-blocked glove tutorial with you (see the original post here).

color-blocked glovescolor-blocked gloves


Two sets of knit gloves.  I got mine 2 for $1.50
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color-blocked gloves tutorial

1.  Cut both sets of gloves at the same angle.
2. Swap out the different colors to make color-blocked sets (you’ll be able to make two sets of gloves this way)
3. Pin with right sides together.
4. Sew together with a lengthened stitch, being careful not to stretch the gloves as you go.

color-blocked gloves

Isn’t it great when you can make something that looks “designed” for less than two dollars?!

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  1. 1

    This is literally the easiest looking project ever and the gloves are SO cute. I am making these this winter!

  2. 4

    So cute! I love this tutorial!!!

  3. 6

    These are adorable!

  4. 7

    Well not something for me but I am sure the kids would enjoy this if they mixed each others gloves up a bit. We would have some funky looking gloves.

  5. 8

    This is great, then I’ll be able to find them in the lost and found!

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