Craft Supply Organizer

tin can craft organizer

If you are looking for a fun, simple project that serves a good purpose, this craft supply organizer is for you! It is perfect to set on your desk or crafting table to keep supplies at arm’s reach. You could even make one for you kids to keep supplies handy during homework time-  the options are endless!

Materials Needed:


  1. Cut your scrapbook paper to fit around your cans. Remember, one side of each can is going to be face-down, so if your paper doesn’t quite wrap all the way around, you can place the naked part of the can on the bottom of the pyramid.
  2. Secure your scrapbook paper to the can by using some hot glue. Apply the glue to your paper and not to the can because the hot glue dries almost instantly to the metal can.
  3. Stack 3 cans on the bottom, using your hot glue to secure the sides to each other. Glue 2 cans on top of them, forming your second row. Top with the last can, securing with the hot glue.
  4. Lastly, fill your cans and enjoy!

tin can craft organizer 1tin can organizer 2tin can organizer 3

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    I think this would be a fun project to do with my kids. It would be awesome for their homework station. I am always scrambling to find sharp pencils, or the right color highlighter, etc. For my young kids we could even simplify by using washi tape, or some paper that already has adhesive on the back. CUTE!