Dahlia Flower Free Printable Postcards

Lovely Dahlia inspired post cards #printable #cards #download

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope that you have had a great day! This weekend on my trip to the farmers market here in GR (one of my FAVORITE places!) I spotted a vendor selling the most beautiful Dahlia bouquets. So, I grabbed one and headed home.

Lovely Dahlia inspired post cards #printable #cards #download

I like flowers, but I’m not usually as enamored as I have been with these dahlias. Typically I toss some wildflower bouquets in a vase and forget about them until they die. (Or until a cat knocks them over). But this particular bouquet has really captured me. Maybe it is because I know fall is approaching and I won’t have access to these blooms for much longer. I love the colors and their bushy shape. So, its no surprise that I decided to make them into something beautiful! Flowers don’t last, but printables do. So, I photographed and illustrated the dahlias and made 4 unique and lovely printable postcards out of them!



I plan to print a few and leave them in my desk for special “cheer me up” notes. You know, for when a co-worker or friend is having a bad day. Sometimes finding a note on your desk, or taped to your front door is just what you need. You can use them for whatever you want! Just download the file and print it on heavy card stock. They’re sure to brighten someone’s day, the way they brightened mine!

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  1. So beautiful! What a great idea!

  2. I’m so glad you like them Steph! I’ve already printed a few here at work. I like to spread the sunshine!