E-A-T in the Kitchen- Vinyl on Plates

I wanted E-A-T on my kitchen walls above my cupboards, but my search for the perfect wood letters never panned out.

(Ok, so I only spent 1 day looking, but I don’t exactly have the best patience!)

And then one night it hit me- vinyl letters!!!

I quickly got on the computer, made some lettering to stick on some plates I already had up there and I love how they turned out!

Just the “something” my kitchen needed!

Funny story: My aunt told me a friend of hers did this project too, but she didn’t get easels that were tall enough to make her plates stand above the crown molding on her cupboards. This cut off the bottom of each letter so her plates looked like they spelled out “F-A-T”!!! That’s one way to be reminded to put the cookies down- have some plates call you “fat” every time you walk in the kitchen!vinyl lettering on plates

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  1. love this idea!! I've been looking for the wooden letters for EAT also but can't find them. what a great idea to use plates!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks fabulous and the “Fat” story is so cute. I need that so I don’t even walk in the kitchen. Hugs, Marty

  3. How about 6 plates – EAT FAT! :)
    Thanks for the creative ideas!


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