Easy Appetizer- Cream Cheese Roll Ups

This is a super easy appetizer and one of our family’s go-to recipes when we are entertaining or when we are asked to bring an appetizer to share. They are delicious and easy to make and they only use 3 ingredients: Olives, Cream Cheese & Sliced Ham.

To make them, lay out your ham and spread the cream cheese over the top. Roll the ham lengthwise, then stick toothpicks about an inch apart from each other. Lastly, take a knife or some kitchen shears and cut the ham in between the toothpicks so they are now individual bites. Serve and enjoy!


- Take your cream cheese out of the refrigerator way in advance to soften it up so it is easier to spread on the ham.

- The thicker the ham, the better. Not only does it taste great, the thick slices are less-likely to tear when you spread the cream cheese.

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  1. absolutely love these. Can be made in advance and your guest will love them.

  2. Yes! They are perfect to make in advance, you are right! Aren’t they delish?!?!



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