Eye Chart Printable- Rally against Rudeness!!!

This is the mood I am in.

I just got an email from someone with a simple question.

A simple question that put me on the defensive because it was asked in a very demanding way.

Why didn’t this person (who I don’t even know) ask nicely?

Why do people feel like they can hide behind a computer screen and get all up in my face?

I have a logical answer to this lady’s question, but quite frankly, it isn’t any of her business.

I shouldn’t have to explain myself.

I haven’t emailed her back.

I’m trying to think of a nice way to say, “ITS NONE OF YOUR FREAKING BUSINESS!!!”

… but the words haven’t come to mind yet.

And she doesn’t deserve a response from me anyway.

I’m just so sick of cyber bullies. They think they can get away with being disrespectful.

They are cowards who have more guts online than they do in real-life. It’s pathetic, really.

So I made this eye chart printable and I want to tape it to my front door.

Feel free to print one for your home or office, and let’s rally against all those rude people out there.

Ok, I am done. Thanks for letting me vent….

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  1. says

    haha! Have you seen the TV show the Middle? The Halloween episode was hilarious and just about this. Rude people. I wish people would re-read their comments/questions first!!

  2. Leanne says

    Hi Steph! It’s been so long since I’ve had any contact with you. I’m sorry about the rude person. It can just throw your whole day off. I agree with Whitney that people should re-read their comments or emails before they sent them off. It might cut out some of the rudeness, but then again some people are just rude no matter what. I hope you have a good day! Oh, and I love the eye chart and will be printing one off.

  3. says

    So sorry that this person has evoked such a strong feeling; I can commiserate with you.

    I have had people ask me for my cut files, without saying please, who have never bothered to introduce themselves, or have not followed my blog. I love to share, but not when people are rude about it. They get a big fat ignore from me.

  4. Marin D says

    I experience this issue at work all the time. Yesterday it happened twice. It is so deflating. And while I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, it just does. I feel your pain!

  5. Amanda says

    Oh I so know what you mean!! I work at my parents’ auto repair shop, and we get some of the rudest people in here! Yesterday I had a phone call from someone shopping for estimates. I gave him our price (which I felt was very reasonable), he said “Are you kidding me?”, laughed out loud, and hung up. I was so frustrated that he wouldn’t even ask for details or let me explain the breakdown of the price. If you don’t like a price, just say “Thank You” and move on. No need to be rude about it!

  6. says

    oh my goodness i just blogged about this myself. i have had rude people blaming me for their lack of sewing skills and for showing too many pics of my kids on MY blog. really?! i was shocked and very disappointed that some people would actually complain about such things. sorry you have to deal with this as well.

    • says

      Are you kidding?!? That is ridiculous! When I had an etsy shop, I sold a lady a product that I made on my blog. She said she wanted to buy one from me first before she attempted to make it to make sure she was doing it right. A couple weeks later I got my first negative feedback from an etsy sale from this lady and there was no comment left as to why it was a negative feedback. When I emailed her to see what she was unhappy with, she told me the reason she left me a negative response was because the craft was harder to do than I made it seem. She said I lied on my blog when I said it was “easy” … so she gave me negative feedback. Truth be told, that craft is still one of the easiest things I’ve made, and the tutorial on my site of my kindergartner making them is not doctored! She is just an idiot!

  7. says

    I experience this a lot, because I am surrounded with the people whose native language is not English. It seems often times, what is normal in other cultures/languages becomes rude in English. If I know the people do not mean to be rude, I can let it go. If I cannot tell, I try not to have contacts with them, because it is just not pleasant to talk to rude people. My first language is not English either and I try not to offend people. Hope no one thinks I am rude.

    • says

      A language barrier can be so hard! I had a Columbian woman (who I am great friends with) call me “huge” when I was pregnant.” I was already emotional, so this put me over the edge! :) But she wasn’t trying to make me cry… at least I dont think so!!!